Peaceful Days

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Journey to the East

So I finished the game, had a lot of fun. Though there were points that I raged on. Such as the lack of saves but that wasn't too bad. The escaping was my biggest issue 9 time out of 10 I would fail running away which made things difficult for me especially with the lack of healing items.

Journey to the East

Needs more save points. Just died and was forced back to the top of the clock tower and now I need to make my way through the underground horror that is the sanctuary.

Guardian Frontier

Being sneaky isn't really Guardians' forte.

Did the cloaked sprites show up properly in the fixed version?

I wouldn't know, I just kept playing regardless of them showing up. Though after that one part where Tchieska sprite didn't show up. After that the cloaked sprite worked just fine.

Guardian Frontier

Alright, so I just finished with the new update wasn't too bad. Though turning the rescue of the trader, I wasn't sure if you could stealth your way through like they asked. I saved before entering the place and tried all kinds of things to go through undetected but seemed impossible.

Guardian Frontier

Alright, so I found some problem. After taking the boat to the new land everything seemed to go find. Then when the money was stolen from Ashe and I chased the thief down. There is a part across the river a little girl runs from you and you encounter someone who is completely invisible. You can talk to them but no one shows up.

Another bug I found is that after you find the thief but go to save the girl from the spider. The hooded figure shows up also invisible.


She finally showed up only after returning to Ashe and talking to her did she finally appear.

Another bug crashes the game, doing patrols with Tchieska it takes you into a house with a slime. The game crashes because of a missing audio file which is game_maoudamashii_7_event44.edit

Guardian Frontier

Finally the next update, can't wait to start playing this! Ill give my feedback soon.

Eredia - Diary of Heroes

Hi there, love the game, put in well over 15 hours into the game so far. I did run into a small trouble. Not sure if a bug or not looked around but never saw anything about it being mentioned. In Miralia City Inside the first in you can talk to the green haired hunter. Where she asked you to write a recommendation letter or give her 4k. Giving her the money nothing happens, instantly ends the conversation and she asks the same thing. So I raised my hunter rank to expert I think it was the rank after adept and I still cannot write her a recommendation letter either.

Legends of Astravia

Looks good, can't wait to try out the demo. I'll let you know if I find any kind of bugs or spelling mistakes.
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