Here's one more. Thanks for the welcome.

Hey, I took Multimedia 820 in grad school, and I got to code a sweet alpha blend screen transition in MATLAB. Media's s'alright. I also coded a screen transition detector - input a movie and I'd could tell you when the screen transitions were.

Welcome to RMN!
Cool, I took a little programming a couple of years ago but decided it wasn't for me. It's too much like working with children hah. Media is really rewarding. Putting together each small, disjointed piece of information can get daunting until you step back and behold the final product. It brings great satisfaction. Shame the Film/TV industry is a mess.

What annoys you in a game?

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Cliche Rage
sooner or later you will complain that women have boobs.

Haha, well maybe that was an oversimplification.

This is a result of bad translation more often than not. Japanese has very different grammar, so different sentence structures work and ambiguous/cut-off dialogue works differently, so a bad localization can give you things like "Why... it's..." and "But he's already - !" and so forth.
I thought it may be that. Is there a better equivilent or is it just better to completely rewrite the part for english?

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Have you played many RPGs hombre?
Now I think about it, I've played several RPGs in the last 10 years that have all had characters with shady pasts. I reverse my statement hah.

What annoys you in a game?

Haha you're right. MMORPGs are the worst culprits. You get a brand new piece of equipment and it's stats are amazing but it looks like some neon pink raver's attire, or you get something that looks really cool but it's stats are terrible.

Dragon Quest 8 did it quite well, changing the appearence of weapons and shields but you could also get the dragon armour which changed your appearence.

I guess that's another obstacle, making sure the different sets of armour don't clash together and you end up looking like a clown. I can see why it's not done very often.

You could work around it by basing your equipment on sets instead of single pieces or you could add bonuses for wearing completed sets of armour, like in MMOs, and only then would your appearance change.

What annoys you in a game?

I have to disagree that an RPG should leave you feeling satisfied or that it should feel like a conclusion. Some great stories can leave you feeling almost cheated and conflicted. Watchmen was a great example of that. It not only took cliches and made them convincing but left you feeling really conflicted. Of course you can do this really badly and just look needlessly open ended. It still has to make you feel like the time put in was worth while.

I hate the sentence "That...that is..."
Prominent in all things japanese. Have you ever heard someone say that as a multipurpose expression of disbelief? Another example is "He's just like him..." or "Could it be...?"

Excessive menu navigation
Lost Odyssey did this. How often were you skill linking, creating rings and swapping them around mid battle. It's exhausting.

A young hero in denial
"I didn't ask for these powers! I don't want to save the world! I want my mundane life back!" I think we're all tired of the angsty, brooding teenager type character.

Classic anime characters
I'm pretty tired of character with triangular noses. The worst thing is these medieval societies seem to always have great stylists that allow them 4 foot spikey blue hair which stays perfect at all times. "We still use primitive melee weapons but we've invented VO5!" Who says just because you're riding into battle you have to look unfashionable?

A shoot-off of anime character design. I'm fine with an andrgynous character being used in the right context. But people like Square seem to love putting their male leads in skimpy little jackets showing off their stomach, with beautful big eyes and pretty lashes. I guess I'm not fond of this because I'm not androgynous myself.

Invisible Armour
It's demanding to make visually different armour using sprites, which infuriates me because I'd love to put it in my own game. But in the age of 3D I would like to see the armour actually changing your appearance more often. I'm tired of getting the Heavy Steel Armour and still be wearing a flimsy cloak.

What could have been
You know you are a victim too. Sometimes no matter how hard you try you think about what could have been. "If they had done this a little different, just put this here and that there, let you do this." You just have to try and take a step back and think of the limitations the creators were under. Nothing can ever please everyone.

Impractical Attire
When your character travel to an ice world (or any change in climate) they don't wrap up warm. No, writing "You must be freezing" does not make it alright haha.

Cliche Rage
Similar to "What could have been." Life isn't original, most creations aren't original. Yet we crave the new. Life is full of cliches but sooner or later you will complain that men have beards and women have boobs.

Happily ever after
It's nice to have a classic tale every now and then but that doesn't mean I'm not annoyed by it a lot of the time. Once the bad guy has been vanquished everyone lives happily ever after as if all evil in the world just disappears.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions
The good guys are good and they do good stuff for the good of good. Have you ever done something with good intentions at heart, only for it to backfire? Aparently people in games have not.


How do, it's good to meet you. The name's Enso

I only just picked up RPG Maker VX after a chat with another maker sparked my interest. I watched the hilarious trailer on youtube (Pixel art is awesome!) and decided to give it a fiddle around.

After a while I began to see some of my childhood ideas come to life and it inspired me to write a whole game. At the moment I have a basic plot, lacking a middle conflict. I'm working on everything alone at the moment but I've seen some great things done with this little program from some talented people so I might have to request a helping hand in realising my "vision" hah. Well, that's all for now on that, I can't wait to unveil my project when I'm a bit further ahead.

I've studied media (aparently the most useless subject) at college and I'm currently unemployed, looking to develop and mature my skills. I've directed a couple of student movies as well as written scripts and studied script writing. I also have basic skills and knowledge for other aspects of media like TV Drama, comedy, animation.

Some of my interests:
Music (Jazz, Blues, Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Classical...)
Film (Shawshank Redemption, Raging Bull, The Fly, all genres)
Comedy (Stewart Lee, Bill Bailey...)
Games (Resident Evil 4, Shadow of the Colossus, Zombie Virus, Mega Man...)
Comics (Watchmen, The Walking Dead, Wolverine Origins...)

I look forward to being part of the community. See y'all 'round.
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