Team member of Something Classic. Currently working on Quartet.

Shadows of Adam on Steam:

Shadows of Adam on Switch:

Shadows of Adam
16-Bit era RPG developed by industry pros.


Samples of my game music

Hey y'all,

Haven't posted in a while. You might remember me. I'm the guy that made Easy Mac, Last Legend and recently Shadows of Adam (Steam/Switch).

Finally got around to putting all my game music in one spot. Would love to hear whatcha think. If you need any music for your games (paid gigs only please) shoot me a DM or contact me on twitter (

Game Music:

Anybody attending Too Many Games

Is anyone here attending Too Many Games next weekend? I'm be presenting at the indie showcase and wonder if any fellow RMNErs live in the Philly area are planning on coming?

It looks to be pretty cool.

TooManyGames is the premier event for anyone interested in video games, board games, CCG’s, and tabletop gaming. The event will be held on June 23-25, 2017. TooManyGames has been known for its video game music concerts, chiptunes, industry panels, panels by famous YouTubers and brand new game releases for old consoles. There is a marketplace with 60+ vendors selling retro games, new games, board games, crafts, art and so much more.

Shadows of Adam OST and recent tracks of mine

I've been doing a lot of writing sessions lately, mainly for fun, but also to improve my craft since I'd like to score for more games. I spent the last three years working on the OST to Shadows of Adam which you can hear on our bandcamp page.

Now, I've composed a few new tunes to share. Let me know whatcha think!

Battle Theme:

Boss Theme:

Of course, if you're looking for any music for your own game, I'm happy to compose (for $$).


Wanted: LPS/Reviewers for JRPG: "Shadows of Adam"


Something Classic's commercial JRPG "Shadows of Adam" is (hopefully) being released late this year. We are nearing an early access/beta release for our KS fans.

Looking for 2-3 LPs/Reviewers to preview the game and help get interest in buying the full product. If you want early access beta (for free) and the chance to play the game early lemme know!*

Contact us:

RMN Game Page

Something Classic Main Site
Steam Page
Facebook Page
Twitter Page

*We have the right to accept/deny whoever we see fit.

"Shadows of Adam" play testers desired

Hi everyone,

Looking to get a handful of play testers for an alpha demo release of my game "Shadows of Adam".

The game will be ready for testing in approx 7-10 days. Anyone here interested? I'm looking for maybe 3-5 people who have some time this month. We're hoping to release the demo no later than the end of June.

Demo is an estimated 2 1/2 - 3 hours.

Here's some shots:

RMN Game Page:

Social Media:

If interested reply to this thread or email me at:

Thank you!


Demo Play Testers needed (Commercial Game)

Hi everybody,

You may have seen some posts of my game "Shadows of Adam" in the screenshot thread. We are releasing a demo in January and are trying to round up some testers. The game will be ready for testing in approx 10 days. Anyone here interested? I'm looking for maybe 3-5 people who have some time from Dec 18-24th.

Demo is an estimated 1-2 hours.

Here's some shots:

Social Media:

If interested reply to this thread or email me at:

Thanks so much!

Something Classic

Hi guys.

(Mods: I'm not sure if this topic is appropriate or in the right spot.)

I'm sure a few of you have seen the screenshots I've been posting throughout the last few months. My game team, "Something Classic" is now on all sorts of social media outlets. We will be continually post updates of "Shadows of Adam", our main jRpg game, as we progress to a commercial release. The team consists of all old rpgmaker guys including Doppleganger (Whack-a-Food) and LunC (The Way)


Here's a few shots for those who haven't seen them:

P.S. I know there are game pages here, but is it a good idea for me to start one for this project considering it's commericial. Also, I wanted to share here since we have have strong roots in the Rpgmaker scene, all being around since the early 2000s.

Original Video Game Compositions

Here's some of my newest video game music I'm doing for a project:

I also write music for real instruments. Here's my Big Band Jazz CD for free:

Let me know what you think!

You guys are doing it right

I have been poking my head around the forums the last few days. After my virtual three/four year absence and doing nothing significant in this community it's great to come back and see everything going so well.

I am amazed at how much this community has flourished and how extensive and useful the main site is. You guys have a Facebook page, a youtube channel (with several videos of my old games) and Twitter. Coming back and seeing all these changes was wonderful. I feel like a guy who has been in a coma and awakened to a new world.

I doubt I'll ever get back into the game making world, but I just wanted to come here and say "You guys are doing it right."

Arrangement of Hydrocity Act II - Sonic 3

Hey guys, long time no see.

I just finished my last year of school and this spring I was in an ensemble that was dedicated to doing jazz and funk versions of video game tunes. Check out one I arranged and did.

It's from Sonic 3 which you can find the original here:
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