Thanks for visiting my profile.
I'm Erik and i work full time in an other field of play. So sometimes when i get a chance a do some work on this little game creating project. It's just for fun and i'm all alone so i'm doing all this one step at a time.

Feel free to comment on anything i make or post, but please try to be kind... :X
Shogun 'the mini game'
Do you have what it takes to become the new Shogun?


[RMVX ACE] Olny srmat poelpe can raed tihs --- Editor needed


Cambridge University proved that we can read anything as long as we put the right letters there. But even so, i would appreciate a native English speaker going trough my game for a text and spelling check.

I'm in the first chapter of my game.
3 maps are working with a quest and 7 NPC's need to be checked.

It shouldn't be much work, but i could underestimate it.

Please send me a PM if you would like to help. Thanks!


[RMVX ACE] Help me make a challanging BATTLE SYSTEM

Hallo Guys and Gals,

Im working on my samurai based battle system for my game. And i'm hoping you can help me with inspiration for my battle battle engine.

Just to be clear i wont be scripting, i think the exciting engine has enough options to make this fun.

First my personal opinion: Most games that use the engine unchanged play like a 'hit enter' fight most of the time. So i do want to create something a little more strategic.

For my game i am thinking there will only be a limited number of fights. We wont be running into fighting frogs, but will have to fight the Boss Samurai right away. This limits the number of fights to maybe 5 or 6. But this also makes it logic to have a fight take more turns.

Also i was thinking to use body parts for elements. So certain attacks are better for attacking the Head, Body and Legs. This would also make extra options for armor.

I've been fooling around with the hit% where lot of hits miss totally and the one hit that you take really hurts. But i let a couple of people try that and they all comment it's feels unnatural for them. So i'm still thinking if i want to keep that.

Most preferably i would want to have it like a real fight where you move around each other turning to find a opening to hit the opponent. But here is where i need you inspiration how to make that work. How would this work with multiple opponents. How do different classes come to play. Also this kind of leaves out all typical RPG elements like critical hit.

So after reading the above i hope someone can help me in the right direction.

Thanks a lot

[RMVX ACE] Quick question Event pages

Hey Guys,

I have an event containing 2 eventpages.
The first page has a action trigger that starts the second page. (on player touch)

How can I get the graphic animation on the 2nd event page to correspond to the animation it is on when leaving the the first event page. Now the second eventpage always looks the same direction even if it's looking a different direction just before the trigger.

I'm looking for a solution without scripting, thank you!

[RMVX ACE] Larger Than 32*32 px Characters


I need your advice.

For my mini game i'm working in the normal environment of 32x32 pixels.
Now i'm considering using sprites of 32x64 pixels for my characters and NPC's

Does anyone have advise for me about this. Does this bring lots of complications or is it pretty much doable?

I'm mapping in parallelmaps so i reckon it's puzzling to get it right sometimes. But it will work. But are there other things i have to think about, like how the player hits events things like that.


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