"This was so bad it SCARred me for life"



Another day where I wish I'd picked a different name

whoever decided that RPG Maker Unite would be the new and exciting future of the RPG Maker series is likely having similar regrets.

Angelic Virtues

Thank you! I'm very glad that scene made such an impact on you, that's the highest form of compliment one can get as a writer.

This Is Not My Final Form

Look forward to being beat up by heroes sometime... soon? But not too soon. Soonish.


The greater grail definitely was a big source of inspiration. It just looks so deliciously ominous.

Updated version uploaded

Hmmmmm. I think I have an idea about what might be causing the issue. I have replaced the download with a version that should fix it, but let me know if it persists.

Updated version uploaded

Does the animation keep looping, or does it get stuck on a single frame? It looks like you can call the menu while the CG is stuck, can you move the cursor while in the menu? Asking to make sure it isn't a recurrence of a random freeze issue I had a while ago (which I supposedly fixed). That particular bug prevents the game from refreshing the screen though, so it shouldn't let you go to the menu (or rather, it would let you, but you wouldn't see it)

How frequently does it happen? I haven't been able to reproduce it so far.

Angelic Virtues

Hey, thanks a lot for playing! It makes me really happy that someone spotted the Dhux's Scar references in the outfit design, haha.

I'm not 100% sure, but that bug you mention sounds like something that has happened to me a couple times, and only coincidentally realized that it was due to the mouse cursor hovering over one of the enemy sprites. Mouse selection apparently takes priority over keyboard controls, so it doesn't let you swap by using the movement keys. Of course, it could also be an actual bug, but I hope not, I don't want to wrack my brain trying to figure it out, lol.

...Maybe I should disable the mouse controls altogether, since they also don't play nice with the diagonal staircases (those are all on-touch movement events, so the game considers them unpassable blocks when figuring out the pathing)

Angelic Virtues Review

Thanks a lot for the review! I did originally plan to put NPCs in the city you could talk to, but the IGMC deadline forced me to scrap a lot of my initial plans. This and other things (like the combat balance and the lack of healing options) I plan to adress with a slightly revised version after the contest is over.

Angelic Virtues

Thank you so much for playing the game, unity! I am ashamed to say that the reason you can't refine attack combo spells is that there... aren't any (other than Ars Arcangelus) I just didn't have time to make them, lol.

As for the other nitpicks you mentioned in the comment, both are very fair. Ideally I would have liked to let the player save anytime they wanted, but when a saved game is loaded, the camera and the parallax are reset, which does all kinds of nasty things to the main city map xP (hence the saving being done in a separate 13 x 17 map). I figured that since the battles have a retry option if you die this wouldn't be a big issue, but like you said a heal spot should solve any potential softlocking problems. I'll be sure to add one in the revised post-jam version.

And Ars Arcangelus missing the first time you cast it... Yep, that would suck. I will try to figure out a way to make it so big resource sink spells CAN miss if you are affected by blindness or other such status effects but are guaranteed to hit otherwise.

I'm glad you still enjoyed the game despite these issues!

Angelic Virtues

Hi, can you put some tips to survie the game, is a pain with the items and the healing and the mps

yeah, sorry, the combat is a bit poorly balanced at the moment. Until I fix it, some general tips are: during the first 3 tutorial fights, don't save up your MP, just use spells (and target weaknesses, enemies' weaknesses are indicated by the icon next to their names).

Before fighting any enemies during the second Celenin attack it is highly recommended to buy and equip all + versions of the attack spells, since the status effects will 100% hit any enemies that are weak to the spell. Also buy the "Blessing of the Egg" (under "Cool trinkets") which lets you keep 1 of each item after battle. Unlike in the tutorial, saving up your MP might be wise in these battles, since getting to the later ones low on MP might make things pretty hard.

As for the final boss, I think she's pretty easy. Spam the main character's new spell, heal if you need with her heal-all spell. Use the Flame Shield spell and the boss will pretty much grill herself to death.