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[RMMV] Show Battle Animation on Sideview Battler

I want to use a common event to make a battle animation play over one of the player characters while using the sideview battle system, but unfortunately RPG Maker MV seems to have forgotten that sideview is a thing and only has the option to target enemies.

What would be a good way to get around this?

EDIT: Tried to come up with a solution myself by scavenging pieces of code I don't actually understand from the RMMV Script Call master list and the following script call seems to do the trick:

$gameParty.members()[ID].startAnimation(animationID, true/false, delayN)

So, if anyone else needs help circumventing this that's a way, I guess?

RPG Maker MV announced for PC and MAC

Features of note include support for smart devices, mouse and touch controls and a side view battle system.

Overlapping "screen" battle animations in RMXP

In RMXP and RMVX, battle animations can be set to target the whole screen instead of individual targets. However, as long as the skill using this animation targets more than one enemy (or ally), the animation actually plays multiple times, meaning multiple overlapping instances of the same animation are shown at the same time. Needless to say, this looks pretty ugly.

I know this is no longer an issue in RMVX thanks to Yanfly's core fixes and upgrades, but is there a similar fix for RMXP? I haven't been able to find any (maybe my google-fu is weak). Being utterly incompetent at RGSS, I have no hopes of fixing this myself, so uh... help? Please?

Date Available

I filled in the Date Available field when submitting my game, thinking that it was supposed to be a tentative release date of sorts.

That is, until this thread proved me wrong.

Although my "game" (with its corresponding screenshots) was approved five days ago, it still hasn't showed up in the games section, so I was wondering if it is because the "Date Available" has not been reached yet. In the aforementioned thread, which I shamelessly raised from the dead without much success, WIP mentions that this feature is unfinished, but that was nearly two months ago, so I don't know if it's still true.

Either way, I'd like for my game to be publicly available before the date I input. Is this possible? (I suppose I could just delete it and submit a new one, but it would be a bit of a hassle -EDIT: Oh wait, I can't. Silly me.-)

Now then, assuming the "date available" gizmo is not actually working at all and is therefore completely unrelated to my situation, well er...

My game isn't showing up. Help!

EDIT: Ok, so after some experimenting, it seems that the gamepage can be linked to, even if it's not listed either in my profile or in the games section. Blog posts also show up properly. Sigh... I guess I'll just have to wait this out.

Why, hello there.

After lurking for a while I decided to register. Then I kept lurking. Figured it was about time I introduced myself, before anyone starts suspecting I'm some sort of forum bot.

English is not my first language (I'm from Spain), but I believe I have a rather firm grasp on it (I'd be in trouble if I didn't, since I'm doing a degree in translation and interpretation, with English as my main language of choice). You'll have to forgive me for the occasional grammatical atrocity.

Academic background aside (not that you care about it anyway), I'm currently making a game in RPG Maker XP. I'd say chances it won't suck too much are moderate. I have actually completed two games before, which were pretty successful among the Spanish-speaking rpgmaker community despite their flagrant exposition flaws (walls of text were plentiful) and somewhat pretentious storylines (typical church-bashing/religion is evil mishmash).

A demo of my current project (in English, of course) will probably be available shortly. I'm aware of the upcoming changes RMN3 will bring, so don't worry, I won't freak out when I see the Discussion and Releases forum is no longer there.

That's about it. I hope we will get along ;)
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