Just another budding game developer from another point of the planet, now also acting as one of CBT players of various Asian-made MMOs.




Maybe that's temporary. I'd rather see your systemset in parade colors !

What are you working on now?

Some sprites for my software engineering project (to be made using C# XNA), Metal Slug with moar zombies.

Getting stuff for a "Journey on the Windows" game (RM2K3 virtual museum of different Windows OS'es, with some OS-Tans included)
EDIT: to be included as our interactive content for our software evolution class.

Sprite work on Task Force Frantix and NetGame Saga are just slow today...

What are you working on now?

Now doing the saber attack animations...


I dig the Hitler up there, better than his past incarnation in Wolfenstein.

[RM2K3] Making an NPC Follow, w/o using Common Events

Thanks, I'll try using it ^_^

Back again... :D

Welcome back to RMN and a great welcome back to game making scene, Clest!

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

No one has Bluhman's Alpha Force yet?

Maybe it's only a Charas Project exclusive?

[RM2K3] Making an NPC Follow, w/o using Common Events

So that means, take one prisoner at a time? Now, how about taking it to the "extraction point". I believe it may have to do with

Extraction Point event: Touched by Hero
IF Prisoner1_FollowHero ON
Prisoner1 says "Thanks!"
Prisoner1 Freed ON.

What are you working on now?

Working on Befuddled Quest4Dead puzzle, and at the same time, finishing Hatsuya's sprite sheet (for Task Force Frantix) , but I'll repost it since it got allegedly erased.

To do:
- Hatsuya's saber attacks
- Hatsuya's SMG attacks
- Hatsuya's spear attacks
- Katana attacks
- 2-Handed sword attacks
- Rifle attacks
- Moar handgun trick shots
- his CLimAX attacks.

[RM2K3] Making an NPC Follow, w/o using Common Events

Is it possible to make an NPC follow the hero, like Caterpillar System, without relying on Common Events?

Because I need it for a game where I have to take some NPCs to a certain point, much like bringing hostages to the extraction point.