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[RM2K3] Making an NPC Follow, w/o using Common Events

Is it possible to make an NPC follow the hero, like Caterpillar System, without relying on Common Events?

Because I need it for a game where I have to take some NPCs to a certain point, much like bringing hostages to the extraction point.

I'm Back Under a New Name

"Ore sanjou! Ten no michi o yuki, subete o tsukasadore!"
("I'm born! Walking the path of heaven, to rule it all!")
~Combined from Kamen Rider Kabuto tagline and from Momotaros' catchphrase

Hello, I come in peace and back under a new name. I'm the former Hatsuya Kanzaki but since I'm working hard on NetGame Crisis Saga, I decided to ditch Hatsuya Kanzaki as my name, 'cause he'll be a character soon... somewhere in the game. Now, I'm Eriol Von Clowphengire.

"Ueiku appu! Sadame no kusari o tokihanate"
("Wake up! Break the chains of destiny")
~Kamen Rider KIVA tagline

[WORKSHOP] The Koemushi Depository

What's up with the template name anyway? It was named after an annoying yet witty Bokurano character as seen in the title, and it's the real Japanese way of addressing the "Dung Beetle" (the Beetle, not me!).

The Template itself

>> Prototype

NOTE: The evidences of a scalpmarker were not yet taken in the above-posted image, it's still in works, but in the Title Pic, that's the almost-final product of the Koemushi template

>> Revision 1

Heads fixed.

>> Revision 2

The heads are completely changed!

>> Revision 3

Few poses added.

>> RMXP Usable Versions:

>> Sample Usable Resource:

To do:
Fix the head used in running poses
Almost different cutscene poses
Battle poses (different weapons)
Color variants
Child template too?

Feedbacks currently addressed:
jimme_reashu (from Koemushi Template Thread)
I think the running animation would look better if you switched the 2nd and 4th frames of the side-views. As it is now it looks like they're running backwards...
roseangel (from Gaming World Koemushi Template Thread)
You do know that the back sitting one, you would still be able to see part of the legs/feet, right? unless they are sticking straight out in front of him. It would only be the bottom half of the legs and feet, with a bit of distance, like the leg back poses as the char walks. The legs would not vanish just because he is sitting with his back facing you.
Thera Dratara (from Gaming World Koemushi Template Thread)
While spriting, I noticed one thing that really stood out: The breast are too high on the side-view, normally the curve of the breast follows into the armpit, but yours doesn't, which made it very uncomfortable looking to me. So I edited that in the little charset I made up here.

Edit: I just realised that while looking at this, there's a little animation mistake in there... Sideview-animation looks a bit awkward in with the arms in general though...
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