Sometimes I write fanfiction. Enough people have told me I am good at it that I believe them.




Happy Luxaversary!

Hey, I know this is a month late, but: Thank you for the shoutout.

I usually wait for stuff to be finished before playing it, but I might make an exception for Date Knights if it's going to be a while otherwise.

...people who primarily wanted yuri content had to power through all the exploring and battling just to get to content they wanted. Some even cheated to get there

My first, somewhat-uncharitable thought is that people who don't enjoy exploring and battling aren't the target audience for an RPG. But if you want to support them anyway, maybe add a "story only" difficulty setting, that removes all the battles except bosses. I certainly appreciated that the setting was there, and it seems as good a solution as any.

(I'll admit to some self-interest here. I *like* the combat, it was one of the high points of LA, I'd be disappointed if it were de-emphasized next time around. :-P)
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