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You have no idea how much time this saved! I was dreading having to go back and comb through event after event for these XDXD;;;

Just in case you want to track down any other inconsistencies, here is the dump. It has the map and event IDs for all text. Any spreadsheet program that accepts .tsv/.csv should be able to open it (I use LibreOffice). Tab separator, no quoted-string delimiter.

It's easy for me to look back and think of all the things I could have done differently, even though my current goal is always "make the thing as best you can, fix errors and really blatant mistakes, and then move on to the next project."

I never really stop fixing old stuff. I take some weird narcissistic pleasure in re-reading my own work, and I always find some spelling or usage error or just awkward wording that I missed.

(I only fix small things after release, though. Sometimes I want to make substantive changes (e.g. alter plot points that I'm not happy with), but every time I've seen someone *else* do that, I didn't like the result.)

And, back to what I said earlier, it's always possible to eventually replace the stock art with custom assets, especially when it comes to stuff like character art and enemy battler art (tilesets can be a little harder).

I'm not sure it's even possible for me to learn to do my own art -- I have arthritis in my fingers (I'm supposed to be too young for that. :-( ) and writing by hand is painful. Presumably drawing would be the same, so if I can't do it with a keyboard and mouse, I can't do it.

...But this is a helpful thing to know anyway, because it means I just have to catch the attention of a competent artist sometime before v1.0. That doesn't seem impossible.

In the meantime, I have basically every asset pack that's been made available via Humble Bundle, so I do have a bit more to work with than just what comes stock.

If you want to talk to me more here or in PMs about your project, feel free! :D

Thanks. :-) I'll probably take you up on that once I have some time to poke around RPGM again.

I've been replaying the game, and I got to the part where Merel has the nightmare about her own past, and I've got to say, reading your fanfiction had an effect on me, as when I saw them talking about the large cauldron and the fact that there was a reference to early alchemy made me think that your backstory, Error, is more interesting than what I had envisioned.

Them being rounded up and alchemically fused into slaves for a demon army is a pretty chilling thought and made that moment more creepy for me.


Now I'm trying to decide if "Creator thinks my backstory is more interesting than their own" is the highest compliment I've ever received. :-P (The current title holder is a friend who read Wizzrobe and (later) told me he had serious trouble hitting the attack button on his next playthrough)

Luxaren Allure

It's supposed to be Unwavering Blade and roughly the first half of the game was written on the fly without me taking notes at all so I kept flip-flopping and I didn't even realize I was doing it! I've really got to go back and fix that!

I'll answer the rest later, but for this I can give you the exact lines and locations -- the script dump made them easy to find and I figured I'd save you some time.


"*Sigh* Ever since people found out that Darkloft was a former student of the Unwavering Sword, this place has become a joke. It makes me so sad that I don't even have the energy to beat up on the creepy practice dummies."

-- M049/EV022. This is one of the Unwavering Blade students. Erdengard->E Indoors, near the dummies.

"You Unwavering Sword people are all weirdos. I'll never understand the point of all those sword techniques."

-- M065/EV033. Blond haired woman near the southwest corner of Erdengard->Past Erdengard->Past Secret Passage (?)->Past Erdengard 2 (I'm not sure if this path is correct, I might have accidentally moved a map around)

"(Everyone calls her Overlord Darkloft now...but the person who now threatens our islands and possibly the entire world...was also a fellow student of the Unwavering Sword.)"

-- M004/EV001. Erdengard->Throne Room->Darkness of the Mind.*

* That last line also appears in M017/EV009 at Erdengard->Throne Room->Quick Get, but I'm guessing that's not actually reachable in game. The map looks like it's either a clipboard or a debug room, and the associated event looks like an alternate version of the one that plays when you reach Muegil Cavern Sanctuary. Guessing: Intended as a backup of the event when you changed it to include the full screen image?

(now I'm trying to figure out if I can dump the maps and events and grep them for a transfer to the debug room. :-P)

Luxaren Allure

I had to infer things like the capitalization of Infernal or the plural of Naga from the script

Yeah that's partially my bad, as I'm not always consistent as I should be.

It turned out consistent enough. I just assumed that it was a matter of local dialects. Mainlanders pluralize Naga differently, and child-Merel picked up the usage from Heather. I'm reasonably sure that's not something you had in mind but it *does* match the script. :-P

(on the other hand, one irreconcilable error if you're still taking bug reports: Yvian's school's name shows up alternately as "Unwavering Blade" (5 times) and "Unwavering Sword" (4 times). I liked the sound of "Unwavering Blade" better, so I went with that.)

I've really got to make a more detailed lore/world bible for future projects (I have a google-docs one for Weird and Unfortunate but it's still missing stuff that I just kept in my head and thus still have inconsistencies).

I usually keep a notes file with anything I think I need to write down. Then when I'm done writing I go through it and apply anything that needs to be consistent. I always miss something, though.

I keep all my notes (and the source text) in a Git repo, because I'm insane (actually originally it was to make myself less afraid to cut things).

Merel was created because I had a character in an (unfinished) story that I worked on in my youth who was very similar but whose love was doomed to be unrequited. I wanted to give that character a chance to find love, tho Merel took somewhat a life of her own apart from that character.

Aww, that's sweet. You're nicer than me. Usually I'm looking for ways to be more horrible to my characters. Which is the out-of-universe reason for Merel's nightmare, incidentally. I didn't feel right writing a fanfic that didn't have *something* dark as hell in it.

Chisa is a bit of a personal character for me. I mean, I put some of myself in all of the characters, but as introverted super shy person, she reflects a lot of myself and a lot of my inner struggles went into her character, both consciously and not...she's kind of a mess of attributes

I think all authors do this. I certainly do. Chisa didn't come across as a mess to me -- I think the contradictions added depth.

There's lots of me in my version of Merel -- mostly in her inner monologue, where it wouldn't clash with her in-game personality. Child-Merel's line from the game "But it's TRUE!" was...well, relevant to my interests.

That's another aspect I enjoyed, that conversation with Heather at the end. It's something I failed to really capture in the game- Merel isn't an expert, she's someone who fell into this because of her own curiosity and her desire to find the truth.

I'm glad you liked it, that's another section that took a lot of thought and rewrites (mostly to avoid Writer On Board) and had a lot of myself in it.

I don't think you failed to capture Merel's autodidacticism. It came through just fine, or I wouldn't have been able to build off it.

Actually, I started making a game about just that, a love triangle that would culminate with the three characters forming a relationship, set in a Dragon Quest-like world where the three of them are servants of that world's goddess.

I like it already. Add the goddess for a quad? Or would that be too much of, I'm not going to make that joke.

Since playing LA I've been toying with the idea of trying my own hand at RPGMaker. Probably also with a mostly-gay cast, because why not. I know LA uses custom art, but is it possible to make something reasonably good-looking with RPGMaker's stock art? Game art has always been my sticking point when I've poked around games.

It's on hold for right now, as I'm struggling to write the start of a polyamorous relationship in a way that I find satisfactory

I sympathise. It sucks to have something you want to write but can't figure out how to do justice to.

(Also because I just have to get Weird and Unfortunate done and out of my system XD)

Holy hell, I know that feeling. I've been feeling it on AD for the last year and it is so relieving to not have to feel it anymore. Good luck! I'll certainly play Weird and Unfortunate when it's done.

I can't put into words the satisfaction I felt reading this! Thank you so much! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

This makes it all worthwhile. :-) It's an honor to be read! I don't think I'm likely to have a similar opportunity again.

My pride drive insists I point you to the rest of my work (AO3 work list, my own archive). My self-improvement drive wants to know if there's anything you didn't like in Aletheia's Daughter, or that otherwise seemed off, so that I can take things into account next time.

Luxaren Allure

Took longer than intended -- big surprise -- but the Cutting Room Floor and Author's Notes are up.

....and now, at last, that's all I wrote. I might have some final comments later, but for now I'm going to go play something else. :-)

Luxaren Allure

Quite all right, I've been bombed out this week too -- mostly from work. That's why the backmatter hasn't gone up yet.

Thank you for the kind words!

On character voices, I had three years to notice and fix all the mistakes I made with them, so that helped. :-P As did the availability of the script -- I can't thank you enough for releasing LA unencrypted, it would have been far more difficult to get fine details right without access to the script and maps.

Karuna was the easiest of the main cast to write; her personality is closest to my own. The hardest was Chisa. Partly because I can't get inside her head, but also partly because of the stutter. I remembered it being much more prominent than it actually was.

Also, I loved this exchange! XD

Haha, thanks. I think that one was a late addition, but I'd have to dig through history to be sure. Am I allowed to like my own jokes? Because my favorite one was this bit:

Merel had a mischievous, evil, *awesome* thought. "I can think of
something you agreed on!" she said.

"What's that?" Lynette snapped.

"You both thought all that business in Hotenshin was a *terrible* idea."

"Hotenshin?" Aurelie asked. "The festival town?"

Lynette's mouth snapped shut. Karuna's too. They both looked at Aurelie
with identical expressions of horror.

"Um?" Aurelie said.

"Never happened," Lynette said.

"Never happened," Karuna echoed. "I'm going to get you for that one,

Luxaren Allure

And at the last, things come to an end.

...But I'm not quite done yet. Later this coming week I plan to post some fragments from the cutting room floor, along with some reflections of my own as author's notes.

Many thanks to Unity for making the game, and thanks to all who read along!

Luxaren Allure

Eleven. Sorry for the missed update.

The final chapter should go up Saturday. :-)

Luxaren Allure

Chapter ten! It's the longest chapter by a fair margin, and it was also the hardest to get right, I think. Well, except the last one, but we're not there yet.

Getting close though. One thing I should have asked for earlier: Anyone who notices errors or typos, feel free to tell me. I've caught a few as I go (I vet each chapter one final time before posting), but I'm sure I missed some. One of the nice things about writing online is that it's never too late to make corrections.

Aletheia's Daughter -- A Luxaren Allure fanfic

Thanks. I added an extra link. Better?

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