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Luxaren Allure

And here we go again with chapter eight. :-)

Possibly of interest: Early on I did a lot of second-guessing around how to depict Merel's research. I have no idea how actual linguists do their thing, and I was afraid I was getting it embarrassingly wrong. Think every movie with a computer hack in it ever.

Eventually I realized that Merel doesn't know how it's supposed to be done either, so she could just try to solve the problem the way I would, and if it wasn't the Right Thing it would still fit.

Luxaren Allure

I've been reading along as you post new chapters

This is more relieving to me than it should be. :-P Intellectually I know I write well, but right after I post something, all my suppressed insecurities start screaming at me. The one comment in chapter 5 about the private fears of authors comes straight from my jerkbrain.

I'm not plugged in to fandom in general, so I don't know anything about the landscape you mention. I do put a lot of effort into canon compliance and continuity, so it's really nice that it's appreciated. More came out of the effort than just research, too. I actually missed most of the Hotenshin scenes while playing, because that segment tripped some serious vicarious embarrassment for me. I clicked through it with my eyes mostly closed. I got to see what I missed while studying the script.

so I'll indulge you ^_^

Thanks! Hidden for spoilers:

Damn, I was way off. :-P Except for the bit about doing a lot to hide their history -- perhaps I should have waited one more chapter to ask, because that's about to come up in passing. Oh well! It's still interesting to see how two wildly different histories both fit the same set of in-game evidence.

Luxaren Allure

I finally set up the media submission. Thanks, Liberty.

I can't get AO3 to cough up per-day stats, so in the absence of comments I've no way to tell if I'm posting too fast or not, or even how many people are reading -- repeat visits don't seem to affect the hit counter. If anyone wants me to slow down (or doesn't), speak up.

(Yes, this is a thinly veiled attempt to elicit validation in the form of comments. It's a writer thing. I'm not proud of it.)

While there's still a couple curveballs to come, it just occurred to me that Chapter 7 is the point where I can finally ask Unity: How close are Merel's (i.e. my) conclusions to what you actually intended?

(potential spoilers for either LA or AD blanked)

Heather worked out in-game that infernal energies and alchemy were involved in the Naga's creation, there's a reference somewhere to Luxaren having once been called the Infernal Isles, there's the alchemy stations of which Merel said "I didn't think demons did alchemy", which seemed suspiciously like a hint, Merel herself has one random Infernal impulse spell...I think there were a few more, though I'd have to dig through my notes to find them. All little things that might hint at the possibility that demons created the Naga for their own purposes. But nothing in the game's text confirms it, so I'm really curious to know how close I got to the mark.

Luxaren Allure

Pardon the missed update, I had a belated case of con plague. :-( Chapter seven is up now.

Luxaren Allure

And there goes chapter six. Does it count as technically on time if it's Saturday on the other coast?

I'll try the media object thing in the morning.

Luxaren Allure

Well, I don't really use the site at all. I literally only made an account to post in this thread. :-P And I'd feel like a spammer if I randomly added references for my fanfiction to tvtropes. I've never contributed to the site. Hell, I feel like half a spammer just posting chapter updates here.

Wow! 10440 words and that's 5/13 chapters! Congrats! ... And here I am, still having not finished the game...

Thanks. :-) Technically only twelve chapters...the thirteenth "chapter" is actually fragments from the cutting room floor (AO3 has no way to designate backmatter). The whole thing clocks in around 30k words. Fair warning, if you haven't finished the game, there's a couple spoilers in the later chapters.

What's T.R. Myer's significance? Should I recognize the name? I checked before posting, and I'm reasonably sure I'm the first to fic LA.

Luxaren Allure

Huh, cool. I didn't know there was a subscription function. I assumed Unity was the only one seeing any of this unless somebody Just Happened to check the thread. Which is what I've been doing until now. O_o

Luxaren Allure

Back from Dragoncon, and chapter 5 is up!

(I really hate asking this, but: if you have a way to signal boost this to other players, could you? The only people I know that've played the game are my girlfriend and my ex. Small audience.)

Luxaren Allure

Chapter 4 is up!

Don't worry about the wait. I'm used to it. :-P A certain family member of mine still hasn't finished reading my last fanfic, and that's been up for years.

Haha, you got me! XD

Good. I would have been really embarrassed if that turned out not to be on purpose. :-)

As I went through the script and maps, I kept seeing more and more things like that...little hints that weren't spelled out, but that I was pretty sure were intentional. I love that sort of thing. It makes the setting feel more like a coherent world, one that extends outside the bounds of the narrative. It also makes me feel like a genius when I catch something. :-P Much of what I (think I) spotted turned out to be useful, too, though I won't say how yet. Once the story is over I'd love to find out which hints were real and which are just me seeing patterns in noise.

Luxaren Allure

Oh, oops. I have a similar reaction to a different set of circumstances (certain movie and TV scenes, mostly), so I think I understand. Thanks for pushing through that to read it anyway. :-)

Turning minor characters into major ones is kind of my thing, so I'm glad you like that. I actually found Zeri and Davis fairly easy to write (compared to Merel and especially Chisa). I had less material to work off, but that also meant less worry about contradicting canon.

There's something I've been wanting to say ever since I went back to rewrite the opening, and now that you've seen it I can say it. My thought process at the time went something like this:

"Okay, this scene needs to establish some context for non-players...better mention Darkloft and show a bit of how Merel thinks...maybe I can have Merel compare this throne room to others; that would set the scene, introduce some Luxaren geography, and show that Merel's somewhat well-traveled; three birds with one stone is good...okay, running with that, let's look at the throne rooms in RPGMaker...hey, wait a minute...

...wait a minute...

What you did there....I SEE IT!