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Luxaren Allure

Yeah, I'm not sure how it would work narratively either. Fortunately I get to punt that question because I'm not the creator. :-P

Dyhalto: I'm all in favor of difficult; I was really happy to see a Hard mode and even happier when it actually killed me once or twice. Long is considerably more questionable.

I'm not sure why it bugged me in LA and not in, say, FFIV, where the finale is structurally very similar (Lunar caves = Castle Darkloft, upper core = Gate World, lower core = Final Dungeon, only one minor break in each sequence). Maybe it's just because FFIV was a longer game overall.

Luxaren Allure

You know, here's something that might be useful.

I and (I think?) a couple of others complained that the final dungeon was too long. I'm looking at the way it was organized in RPGMaker, and I note that "Gate World" and "The Final Dungeon" are categorized separately -- but when I was actually playing, I felt like they were one and the same. Actually, everything from Darkloft onwards felt like a single dungeon, and I'm pretty sure it was in that sense that I felt like it was "too long".

But looking at the game internals, it doesn't seem like that was your intent. Was it? Maybe the issue was never "final dungeon too long" but "insufficient break between multiple dungeons that were intended to be logically separate".

Just a thought.

Luxaren Allure

Right after posting that I noticed Lake of Blood -> Terminal Dogma -> "Don't Be Here". Nice.

Luxaren Allure

This is going to sound kind of silly, but: What's the intended spelling of Handarein/Handaria? It's referenced twice in-game, but with two different spellings.

(I used 'Handarin' from memory, so I got it doubly wrong)

Unrelated: I just noticed the main room names in the last dungeon. I don't remember if they were visible in-game, but I see what you did there and I like it. :-P

Luxaren Allure

I think I called this guard Davis in my head (about 50% sure) so you could go with that if you like XD
Word of God is good enough. :-P

Not really; it's standard practice with a lot of nobility
Is it really? You hear about King George, but not King England.

It's not a serious gripe. I think the only reason it sticks out to me is that the last thing I wrote something for was Chrono Trigger, where the Queen of Zeal is referred to literally as "QUEEN". That wasn't fun.

...the irony is that I eventually settled on exactly the workaround that Unity describes above. I have zero room to complain.

Luxaren Allure

Does the archive guard have a canonical name? The one that gives Merel nasty looks for stealing. I don't see one, but I've noticed that a lot of otherwise unremarkable NPCs actually do have names in LA.

I *love* that, by the way...though I note that the kings don't have names separate from their kingdoms, which is frustrating. New headcanon: Erdengard renamed his kingdom to his own name because he is a raging narcissist. Hotenshin did the same because an advisor sarcastically suggested it after the Love Labyrinth business, and he took the suggestion seriously because he is an idiot. ...I'm not sure about Parvian.

(I ask about the guard because I have a scene or two where his presence would be useful flavoring. Plus I found him amusing.)

Luxaren Allure

Well, there are text dump scripts
That looks ideal, thank you.

But Unity would have to add and run those herself? Unless she opened it up for other people to edit, like however Super Battle Kiddo Experience! and other Craze games do it.
It seems I can open it as a project in RPGMaker just fine. ....not that I have any idea how RPGMaker works, but I've meant to fix that for years. Happy to have an excuse for it.

Luxaren Allure

I'm curious if Impulse was intentionally modelled on Lufia 2's IP system, or if it's just a case of convergent evolution.
The latter. It wasn't on purpose XD; But I think it turned out well regardless ^_^

It did. Now I want to mod Lufia 2 to implement IP decay. Probably won't though.

And I see a grand total of zero LA stories on FFNet and AO3. That cries out to be fixed. I think I will make with the fixing.


What will be amazing is if I finish in less than a year. :-P I have a terrible history of writing at a pace that envies snails. Dead ones.

...I've been trying to break that history, though. Let's see if I can. After a couple days to think about it, I'm pretty sure I know what I want to do.

(is there a way to export the game's script? It would help with checking canon compliance. I can write a program to do it if I have to, but figured I'd ask before possibly reinventing the wheel)

Luxaren Allure

"The humor of Lunar: SSSC, a combat system reminiscent of Lufia 2, and a cast full of gay" is pretty high praise, as those are all amazing games :DDDDDD
I am so very happy that you enjoyed it despite its flaws, and I appreciate all the constructive criticism!

I try. Good criticism is hard to get sometimes.

I'm curious if Impulse was intentionally modelled on Lufia 2's IP system, or if it's just a case of convergent evolution.

Like Marrend said, I do indeed have a Patreon for those who would like to support me as I go forth and make more RPGs, both yuri and non-yuri (but there's definitely gonna be a lot more yuri in my output as I love it XD).

Cookies have been placed in the cookie jar, assuming I worked the site correctly. It seems Patreon has no way to make a one-time payment, and I get antsy about monthly payments, so in the interests of honesty I should say it probably won't last forever.

I see a fanart page up in the banner. I can't draw, but I do write sometimes and people tell me I'm good at it. And I see a grand total of zero LA stories on FFNet and AO3. That cries out to be fixed. I think I will make with the fixing.

Luxaren Allure

I made an account just to say that I have finished this game and it is awesome. I described it to someone else as "the humor of Lunar: SSSC, a combat system reminiscent of Lufia 2, and a cast full of gay." I love it.

...Since gushing's not useful, some hopefully-constructive criticisms:

  • It would have been nice to see more of Merel the would-be scholar over Merel as comic relief. Merel was my favorite character and I feel like that aspect of her was under-emphasized outside of her flashback sequence.
  • Lynette was a little too unsympathetic; her flashback helped a bit, but not really enough. She needed more pet-the-dog moments. I found myself feeling more resentful than grateful on the occasions she saved the day.
  • I loved the combat system, but it seemed to get easier towards the end of the game -- I think because the cast gets a wider array of options but the enemies don't really come up with any new tricks (I had it set to Difficult). This problem seems very common in RPGs.
  • The final dungeon. It's not exactly too long, but it has a much lower story-to-everything-else ratio than the rest of the game. I kept expecting the space to get used for
    more character development for Aurelie
    , and it kept not happening (much).
  • This one I'm not sure how to describe, but: The combat visuals move fast. I found it easier to follow what was going on by just watching the stats panel. ...but then I miss out on actually looking at the pretty visuals and unfolding drama. And that feels like a shame.

And some specific good stuff:

  • The impulse system (and impulse decay in particular) was very well done. It solved a problem way too many RPGs have: Creating a limited resource that you actually use, instead of saving it for the boss.
  • Enemies using stronger attacks over time is something I don't think I've ever seen done outside of boss fights in other games, and I like it.
  • Loved the shoutouts. The Lavos-spawn expy was particularly amusing (CT is one of my favorite games).
  • The writing was good all around. Did a great job of taking a simple story and making it engaging.

I went in expecting something where the "game" was an excuse for the yuri. Instead I got a genuinely good game that just happened to have a yuri theme. For something that's (as far as I can tell?) purely a hobbyist project, it's amazingly well put-together.

Is there a patreon or tip jar associated with LA? The world needs more good yuri games and I want to support it.
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