Hai-ho! The name's essence.

I like story writing, so my specialism in creating RPGs is the storyline. My back line specialties are on average; Graphic Design, Sprite Editing / Refurbishing, Mapping and Animation.


An idea - Campaign Battle

Campaign Battle

Note: Screenshots are from Final Fantasy 11 online, they were used to give a clear image of what I'm trying to explain.

This is a rather interesting, and large topic / idea. So my plan is to turn it into a miniature version for an RPG Maker game.

So I was playing Final Fantasy 11 yesterday, after having a break from it a few months, and I went into one of the expansion areas in which you go to the past, 20 years ago where there was a "crystal war".

Basically, it was a 3 set of beast-men allied campaign versus three allied nations in an attempt to try and "defend" their territory of the game's areas. Basically, battles called "Campaign" battles were held at various areas, and as a player, you can go and help the allied nations by taking part in them.

The basics of Campaign battle was based around a "fort" or "outpost", which was kind of like the core of the area, who ever had it under their flag had the area under their control, making it easier to get supplies and support the allied nations against the war of the beastmen. Now the player had to attend these battles, showing to either defend an outpost, or try and siege one from the beastmen.

Through the course of battle, there was an army of around 15-30 NPC's, depending on how the nation is doing defending their country, and of course, player characters.

Now the thing I liked was that you could target any monster, and the NPCs would also behave in this way. Once the enemies ran to the outpost of the area you're trying to defend. All the NPCs would take out their weapons. Mages would cast buffs before the enemies got there, and knights would position themselves up front, to guard the outpost.

  • The monsters were tough, so it took a good number companions--and damage--to kill them, you couldn't try and be a omnigod badass and try and solo tank them all on your paladin

  • The battles lasted a good 15-20 minutes, so it wasn't like you could just overpower the enemies and win the battle within seconds, which added a more realistic feel to the game. "Oh, I'm actually fighting in a final fantasy-styled war here!

  • You could also choose which allied nation to go with out of the three, so you would be with that nation. While you were in said nation's capital city, you'd get "notices" as to what the campaign state battles are, where enemies were "suspected" to be headed, and which enemy leader was gravely wounded in battle

  • Battles wouldn't be spammed every 5 seconds, the enemies would plan which area to attack based on their current position, their leader's condition, and the area with the least protection, but sometimes they do gamble once enemy leaders had recovered for battle.

So it was like a massive war field battle. I also liked how NPC and PC mages would heal you if you suffered damage, and even the paladins would try and "provoke" enemies off the mages. I loved the mechanic of the whole battle system. It's very rare you see constant battles like this in MMOrpgs.

But enough banter about my unquestionable love for FFXI.

While doing one of these said battles yesterday, a thought of an idea struck me instantaneously. I thought "why not add this kind of idea in an RPG?"

YES I KNOW. "That's an insane number of npcs, it won't be compatible with a normal rpg" "Howz battling gonna work?" "Yu no make tactical?" "Lagggggg" "Meh, too long". "Don't, just, don't".

I know, things are going to have to be toned down in masses. Of course for an indie game format. The amount of NPCs in the midst of battle and other aspects, of course, but I'm considering turning this Campaign Battle idea to RPG Maker format. It won't be a copy of the entire concept but it would have the same elements. At least a minimized version.

I already know this is a kind of thing that people wouldn't consider by a long shot.

If I do try to make this kind of aspect, I would make this a kind of "side expansion" once you are given access to it. So it is not directly related to the main story, but rather as an optional battle system / expansion download or something. So if you want a break, or knowing me being a total pain in the ass developer, make classes and special equipment only unlock-able there, you can do this type of battle system in a side expansion among other aspects (areas, side quests, optional storyline(?)) for special items and exp, instead of the traditional way of grinding and storytelling.

Now I know I'm probably going to get more questionable thoughts than agreeable ones. Again, this is just an idea I had, so feel free to discuss it. I may, or may not do this idea. It really depends on the compatibility and views on how people would use it, or even use this aspect.

'The Heck?

So I turned off my laptop yesterday to go to school. RPG Maker was working fine up until I got a Map tree break error in my project. However I repaired it, and got back to renaming my maps. Since then, every time I open RPG Maker 2009 ultimate and save maps, I get this error. This happens every time I try to test play my project, save a map change, or even try to select other maps.

The error is just for a map I took the shot with, but this happens with every map I try to save. (Map0079 ect). Then it proceeds to give the recurring error for that map ID every time I try to scroll to another map. (For example, I select Sky City, but it keeps saying "Map0078.lmu" cannot be created, and this recurs every time I click on another map.)

I even went as far as to go into the temp folder and find ULTTMP00, but it says the file is corrupt or unreadable (which sure as hell wasn't a few days ago. I've tried reinstalling RPG Maker 2003 and RPG Maker 2009 ultimate, resetting my laptop several times, but I still receive the same error.

Any form of help would be appreciated, as I plan to move my 2k3 project over to VXace, but I need to finish up the end of this current project.

Adding those little details - Do you do it?


Basically, I've been talking to a friend of mine whom has been ill a few days ago, and therefore cannot continue their game for quite a bit. For the past few days I've decided to give them an insight on what ideas they'd like in terms of detail in a game. For example, things like towns and villages have a little history or setting to them upon entering the area for the first time. The question is; do you add any form of background or history to them?

I've played many games--commercial games at that--that totally miss the whole concept of what I'm talking about in terms of informal detail. I know that not all games need it, or even want it to be honest, but do you see it as a drag down rather than a helpful hint?

And I'm not just talking in terms of text based ideas either, I mean the whole concept. Do you like those seemingly pointless things in RPGs.

Mini-quests or Optional Fights which would otherwise set you offside the story?

Crafting systems which you have the option to do, and do them--or do you ignore them and only use them conditionally?

Pet systems as another instance, I haven't seen these being used as much as in older games, and that's mainly because they take a drastically long amount of time for players to adjust to and actually reap benefits out of.

Most people nowadays tend to ignore things like crafting systems which would otherwise bore the player to an extent, but most people do it to keep the player interested. What drives you into adding these things, and if you don't choose to add them, why?

A time travel system - To the past and present.

Well, I've had this idea blooming in my mind and I've written it down after awhile. It's kind of like a "Past influences the future" thing. So basically in my idea I had something like this as an example:

(My idea is massive, so I've separated it into two sections so you get a full understanding of what I mean.

Simplified Version:

The party rests at a lodge and finds that one of their party members falls ill. The lodge owner says that the illness can only be treated by a now extinct herb.

The lodge owner says that the wizard who used to brew the potions hasn't left his house on the other side of the forest for ages.

Party seeks a wizard who died of old age recently. They have the idea to travel to the past and try and approach him in his earlier years.

They go to the past, and find the wizard in his former time (with obvious terrain and area changes).

The wizard speaks to you, and tells you that he cannot to anything because he lacks a certain flower which is thought to never exist in this region.

You head back to the present and let's say, you head to the "Far East" and locate that specific flower. This region wasn't even heard of in the past era.

You travel back to the past and relocate the wizard. He is baffled at how you found it, but creates it into a herb anyway.

You travel back to the present with the herb and return to the area your companion fell ill. They recover and the optional quest is complete.

This influences say things like, Bazaar goods, or the chances he offers your assistance later in the game / story or a mini quest is flagged.

That, is a crude example of it but it is a base explanation.

Now for storyline terms, I have taken this idea into further use and used it as a necessary part of the story. Whereas you go to the past by accident due to an enemy casting a spell on you. You are separated from your party and you find yourself in an area you re-know well. But this time it is differently coloured, the monsters associated there are vastly more powerful. You find that the terrain (as rocks and caverns, which were blocked or removed in the present,) is now drastically changed and you have more access to the area. The music is also different and the atmosphere is just totally different.

Now I'm thinking of making this a mid to low priority, and rather I see it as a "mini expansion" for quests and missions. It only appears as a essential part of the game a few times., and after that the player can freely explore between eras whereas they please.

Elaborated Version:

My idea was about the civil war and the discovery and struggle of a resistance. This is purely optional, but if complete, you uncover something say, valuable, and a worthwhile piece of information. Further exploration in the past allows you to access more areas which you could normally access in the present.

My idea of a past is several years ago, 30 years ago, was my idea, and time travel is rather more limited, where you must walk up to, say a "Maw Rift" which sucks you in by accident. You are put into the past of that area, and you can only access the present by re-approaching that Maw Rift. So for now, only that area alone you have access to.

To access other areas you need to explore more areas by walking to them manually forsay. And within those areas you need to locate a Maw Rift in those specific areas. Activating rifts in the past allows them to flow in the present, allowing you to access the past area of that specific location once activated from the past.

Areas such as towns and cities for example, play a major role in the storyline of the past. As you find out there is about to be a war between civilization and monster. I plan on it being set into the Medieval Era, so there are swords and shields ect. You have the option to join forces of a specific nation. (Which I would call a campaign battle for example.)

I also plan on making classes unlocked exclusively for accessing the past. Locating a city say, is a rough journey, but worth it, allowing you to trigger quests in that city. Some of those quests require you to travel outside the city again, but you are able to teleport to areas you've activated by speaking to Allied Reunion Sappers at outposts in specific areas. The outposts serve as strongholds while monsters--or beasts, rather--try to take over them. Battles take place there and you try and fend them off, this is how you do your part as an Allied Campaign Soldier for example.

So, any ideas?

Life's Grip - A Draft Poem

Hai all, I'm going to accompany my introduction with a poem.

I've been studying quite a bit of Literature and Poem composure from my GCSE recently, and I thought I'd have a shot at a rough draft poem. So here it is.

Life's Grip:

Life's grip is far too tight, yet it can easily let the most important things slip out of sight.

Like how a roses petals falls one by one, the same will happen to all our hopes and dreams, gone.

One must shed a light to see through the darkened veil, one must be the ray of hope that we can all trail.

The eye of a pupil is our light of guidance.

We use them everyday, but do we appreciate for what they do?

Though some may deny it, we can hear sound with our eyes.

The true sound of music is where a melody lies.

A harps melody is yet sad but true.

Its notes ring our ears in a beautiful yet subdued hue.

Listening, and looking up to the starry sky, One dream is all I seek.

The soft wind waters my eyes but the emotion of sorrow is what I reek.

The birds call is ringing both my ears left and right,

But all I seek is that not letting my one dream fall out of sight.

My eyes listen to the calls of the avian,

my eyes glimmer from their melodic tunes.

The stars serve as helping hands.

They bring hope, guidance and tranquility to our lands. Never cast away its dim but sure light.

For looking up and asking the question is what's right.

Lonesome shadow.

Why do you hide? Like positive and negative, we can never collide.

I hope someday we see through the hassle we both shed pain for.

All I desire is that we can reunite again, once more.

Any form of advise is welcome, because I want to practise my Poem Writing further. ^^

A Wild Essence Appears

Hai thar! The name's essence, but you probably already knew that. So I shall cut the latter and commence to the core of the introduction.

I currently live in England, but hope to move to the U.S once I leave school, I'm a computer nerd really, and I spend most of my days Drawing, Writing, RPG Makingm Music Composure(Badly D:) or Writing Poems. :D

I've been using RPG Maker 2000 / 2003 for about 4 years now, I stared RPG Making when I was 11 years old. (I shall leave you to figure the mathematics... Heh.)

Over the years I've grown in large amounts in RPG Makers' learning curve. I would say I'm pretty advanced in RPG Maker 2003, which is the engine I stick with today.

I'm currently working on a project in RPG Maker 2003 called "Sealed Link Volume One: Veangeance," and hope to release a demo eventually. It's still in it's mid-blooming development in which only hosts about half an hours' gameplay. But slow and steady wins the race.

I am the one with the wind, I am essence. <- My Catchphrase.

Thas' right, I have a catchphrase.

The essence which binds all who seek. <- My other Catchphrase.

Thas' right, I have a backup catchphrase. :D

Anyhow, Adios to all whom spent the time to read my overly-excessive introduction, and here's to the new land of grass I have yet to tread!

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