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Zendir 2: A World Reborn
Five years after the events of Zendir 1, it's time to save the land again!



Beyond Reality (IGMC 2014 Edition)

Looking at the downloads section, and I'm confused...
What does RTP mean?

Run-time package, contains a collection of the stock assets and resources that the game needs to run. If you already have RMVXA installed, you can install the non-rtp version.

Beyond Reality (IGMC 2014 Edition)

Beyond Reality HD is now in beta testing ^_^

Beyond Reality (IGMC 2014 Edition) Review

Aww, thank you for taking the time to post this review up :3

I do agree, I probably should've chosen a less story-heavy game for the contest. All points you have brought up (shallow combat, inability to move around the interesting maps, immersion, unique skills (almost all (except elemental magic) skills are unique now), story speed) have been fixed in the HD version. All characters have been overhauled, allowing them to feel different from each other.

Unfortunately (as per this review) the smooth camera remains, but I think this is a positive for the HD version because the movement of the camera isn't as jarring as the default one is.

Thanks again :D

Zendir: A New World

I'm not sure if you are aware of it but I have come across this bug/problem of the accessory gear giving negative stats instead of positive stats.

I am really enjoying the game but I figured I would let you know.

Yeah, I accidentally had the item set to 10% health instead of 110% :P :P

You'll be fine without it anyway. Have fun with everything else! ;D

Zendir: A New World

Let's give this game a try shall we :3

Though this game is by no means representative of my current game dev skills, it's probably quite an interesting one to play! Have fun!

Zendir 3: Scourge of the Netherworld

Well this was unexpected.
Thought I'd play a little so I would not fall too far behind...but came on the final bosses before I knew it :)

Saw another players post concerning a game being short....guess E.S. was spending so much time in the loo, he had to shorten this game :) hahahahaha

But it was still a good game. I enjoyed pretty much everything about it.
Mapping was good, all maps were interesting and colorful.
Characters and story were also good...
Monsters were not hard to beat, which I very much appreciate :)

Thanks for nice, fun game E.S.

Haha, to be fair, I didn't really know what else to do with the story, so I figured I'd just wrap it up at that point rather than drag it out.

Thanks for the comments, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

Beyond Reality (IGMC 2014 Edition)

Aww thanks, that means a lot :3

Coming up is Beyond Reality HD! (An extended version of the game with a new plotline, and in HD)
Sorry about the odd formatting, site is being a pain.

Anyways, really? I thought that this game was a great on its own, but yeah, looking forward ot it. Please, shoot me a private message when you've completed it.

Site's being a bit slow for me as well.

Yep! BR HD is confirmed - and I will indeed send messages where requested of the game when it is complete :)

Zendir 3: Scourge of the Netherworld

So far so good :)

Real world problems taking some playing time away from the game :(
Hopefully, will be able to get back to killing monsters soon :)

I know that feeling!

Zendir 3: Scourge of the Netherworld

Being an elderly person, my memory may not be perfect :)
But I do remember the wizard I approached was the top left.
Just walked up to him and I THINK I hit enter to talk or fight but
as I said the game just froze and could not move.

Alrighty - that's a bit of an odd one, but I think I have a feeling of what caused it! (An autorun with a move route that makes the player move toward the enemy, copied over from the other wizard but 'skip if cannot move' is not on) - it should not be trying to move at all, so it is just a faulty event which I obviously stupidly copied from elsewhere and never edited properly :P

But yeah, the general idea was to run past the fireballs anyway so you miss nothing.

How's it going so far?

Zendir 3: Scourge of the Netherworld

Let me know how you get on ^_^

Found an itty bitty bug :)

After the prison break, you fight a Magician, then enter a room with Wizards throwing fireballs.
I went up to one just to see how tough they were....and whamo, the game froze :)
The balls of fire continued but nothing I did allowed by guys to move. Luckily I had saved after the fight in the hallway so simply had to run past the fireballs and leave the room.

Ok, that's weird. Nobody else has reported the same issue. Could you specify which wizard/magician you went up to, and how you approached them?