McBacon Jam 3

I've been thinking it over, and I think I can actually join this, although I thought I couldn't at first. If Bart thinks he has enough time to participate in August, then surely so should I. I also kind of want to redeem myself for my lack of internet during the first jam. T.T

So if there's any VXAce teams who'll have me, I'd like to join!

I'd say I'm best at puzzle design and eventing, though anyone who's played Empress of China will know I tend to make my puzzles a bit on the difficult side. But if I'm in a team, I'm sure people can hold me back from going to extremes with the difficulty. ^.^'

We could try and team up?

McBacon Jam 3

If anyone needs an Artist, Writer, Mapper, or Music Developer hit me up. I'm pretty good with a writing, drawing and mapping but I'm also decent at making music. :)

EDIT: I just realized I entered this last year and had to bail because of a car accident. I don't know if that disqualify's me to enter this year or not but if you can tell me that would be cool.



I have to say, this does sound like a very interesting and unique concept. It sounds really fun.
I'll have to keep my eye on this, good luck!

Thanks a ton man! I hope it turns out to be fun haha.


That look's soooooo good!!!

McBacon Jam #2

Aye, so team random pool let's try and get organized over skype or something like that.

Soul Shepherd

Oh for sure, I'm pretty good with pixel art. I will send some photos of my game right now.

Soul Shepherd

Yeah I can make one, what kind of style do you prefer? Like pixel art or hand drawn stuffs.

And oh my god P4 is a mess of variables. XD

Soul Shepherd

Absolutely brilliant battle system, even the SMT games can't beat this difficulty and gameplay. Although they do beat you on graphics, but that's not what this game is about. Actually if you want art done for this game I would be honored to draw some art for it.
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