[2k3] On battle animations in the field

Maker is 2k3.

What I need to do is display a battle animation on a certain part of the screen (this is on the field, not in a DBS battle).
The problem? The Show Battle Animation command can only target an event.
So, it seems logical to me that I should somehow need to move an event to be in the same screen-relative position regardless of what map it's on, how big that map is, or where the window is on that map.

Any suggestions on how to go about doing this?

Second Reality: Reflections


In a typical fish-out-of-water story, Adam and his dad suddenly find themselves in a strange forest, having been only been driving down an empty road minutes just minutes before. They are quickly separated, and Adam moves to find his father. Within seconds, he is stopped by a young girl holding a knife to his throat.
This place is not Earth, she says. But a second planet, made in the image of Earth.
With passing day, Adam finds himself more and more ensnared in an attempted genocide to the human race on Earth, and he becomes the only potential savior for a world on the brink of war and chaos. Quickly, the conflict escalates further, threatening to destroy one or more worlds, God, or even the concept of Reality itself.

The demo includes Chapters 1 and 2
In Chapter 1: The echoing voice- Somewhere after it all began (approx length 45 min), we meet some of the key players in the story, and the adventure begins with Adam trying to reclaim his father from an unknown Hunting Party dispatched by the Royal Family. He must find the men who nabbed him and win back his dad.
In Chapter 2: Double symphony- What is the land that you called home? (approx length 2-3 hours), the primary exposition is released and Adam and Melody become locked into the stalemate of Aryon, and with his dad now far out of reach, he has little option but to convince the Prince, who has enslaved most of the kingdom, to release his father.

BTW, I suck at summaries.


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