Howdy, welcome to my profile! I've been familiar with RPG Maker for many years now. I make some games using RPG Maker myself, but I wouldn't say I'm that good at it. I also like to play other people's games, I've seen a ton of good ones on this site already, but will surely see some more! :D
Bundesvision Brigade II
RPG fan game based on the Bundesvision Song Contest




Oh, the dropbox account the game is on has been disabled for 'too much traffic'... :s


Wooow, this is such a cool picture. Nice artwork!

Nsala Liberation

Wow, interesting, very original idea, and the artwork is just beautiful! :o
Downloading now :)

Kairo Review

Wow, sounds like a cool game! Nice review! :)

LOL I'm subscribed to Konstandin and when I logged in today I had 155 notices... wow xD

Even more notices every time I refresh the page, yikes! :D

Going Wild

Wow, the story sounds really interesting. :)

The Hero and the Reaper

Wow, this sounds amazing! :)

The last night

Looks nice! :)

War Mech Saga

Interesting looking project. You might want to seriously think about reducing the file size though. I doubt any game made in RPG Maker 2003 could actually be using over 600mb worth of resources. :s
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