I have a whole story for my game planned out in my head... problem is I am bad at mapping.



Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

As of now I tinkering with my game: RMXP

- Trying to flesh out Characters / Story Line. (curently have writer's block)
- Thinking about combat "styles" for the last 3/6 Main characters.
- Making the basic layout for maps, then re-mapping it.

Did you want to make an RPG/Game? Be honest!

back at the begining of High school I liked to draw. I eventually made characters, and then stated making a story... I would've liked to have made a game, but at the time I did now about any game makers.

about 2 years ago I Stubled across RMXP after someone mentioned it.
---I googled it--- and started on my path to turning my story into a game.

of course I spent a year learning as much as I could possibly could.

(ouside of real life concerns)

Battle scipts

Or why not try

RTAB (Real Time Active Battle) Script
by Cogwheel

I use it.

I'm New HERE...

Hello, I am new to THIS forum...

Skills: Eventing, "Frankenstien - ing" character sprites

Game in Progress: "Guardian Angel" (pending)

If you want to see what I have so far, check out my Youttube channel.

I gonna Lurk around a bit and I might just post something somewhere... LoL
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