Ah, so that's not a spider.
Good, good...


"...prove that he is the very best, like no one ever was. To fight the dark lords is his test, to conquer is his cause."And he will travel across the land, searching far and wide.
I just realized I hadn't updated this in three years. So I should probably do that.

But I'm keeping that line.

Good, good. It sounds both cool and hilarious.


"...prove that he is the very best, like no one ever was. To fight the dark lords is his test, to conquer is his cause."
And he will travel across the land, searching far and wide.

Lakria Legends

Do you use the latest version (2.1)? Most, if not all of the mapping mistakes should be remedied in this version, unless KoopaKush ignored my "bump into everything" efforts, which I seriously can't imagine.

I doubt this Grand Map piece bug is "good". Worst case scenario: You can't piece the Grand Map together when you have 5 pieces (including the "additional" one, missing the last one), because the switch for having found all pieces isn't activated (just my guess), and you also can't piece it together when you have 6 pieces, because 5 and only 5 pieces are needed (once again just my guess). Well, let us know how it turned out. :D
It's an interesting bug really, I'm looking at the places to use Masoud and everything following and it appears to be working fine. Also noting that no one else has come across this problem as far as I'm concerned. I did fix up every screenshot that was sent to me by Kyle as well too!

There are no switches for the total map pieces but a variable instead. But the same applies, if you do manage to get 6 pieces, chances are the variable count is set to 6 and you won't be able to reveal the Grand Map location. If there is no workaround this, my advice would be to just collect 5 total before anything else and using the Grand Map to get the secret location.

Yep, I'm using the latest version. It's just some minor things, really, some passable area, that's all.
I'm still in progress of collecting the maps, I'll let you know how it turns out.

Lakria Legends

Whew, can't believe I already spent more than 20 hours in this game and I've got to admit, it's really great!
A little review here...
-Ren is sort of like the-cliche-hero... but well, cliche exists because people love it!
-Serene is so cute! However, I happened to read a spoiler about the ending...WHYYYY
-I thought that Leon will be a womanist character... but then I realize that he's just a cute sassy who loves his beautiful hair. And I absolutely love it.
-The characters didn't talk much to each other... I'm sure that players will be more excited if the characters chat a lot!
-Upon recruiting Masoud, I stumbled upon a bug, a good bug mind you, that enables me getting 2 maps at once in Westwood Creek. So yay, I've got 2 maps at once!
-There are many mapping mistakes, but nah, you did a pretty good job of distracting me from the mistakes with the beautiful vista and colourful maps!
This game is one of the best game I've ever played! Can't wait for your next project!

Lakria Legends

Hijiro Mountain is near Lyia Village. Travel north of Lyia, not taking the junction leading to Zensu Forest. Check out the map on which you (hopefully) recruited Marian in the beginning. There are also a Gaea statue and two NPCs enjoying a campfire. Boulders (which should be disposed of using a Bomb) block the way to Hijiro Mountain on the northeastern part of that map.


Lakria Legends

Lakria Legends

I've been circling for a few hours and still couldn't find the path to Hijiro Mountain...
Leon is in my party already so did I miss something else??

Lemures Blue's 2 A.M.

The art looks lovely, and the plot sounds interesting, and as a sucker for BL games I instantly downloaded it. But there seems to be a problem with the game. It crashes right after the the "Chapter 1" screen. My computer is set in Japanese locale. It'd be greatly appreciated if you could look into that.

Same problem with me... though mine is Windows 7.
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