Hey guys. It's been 4 years since I posted this game. And it makes me glad to still hear people informing me of problems that they face in game. I wouldn't have been able to discover them otherwise, and I definitely need a beta player next time before I ever release a new game lol.

I've released an updated version to overcome the bugs for Eldred and Lazarus' quest and couple of other bug and user experience fixes. Latest version as of writing is v1.1.4.

RMN doesn't email me of messages or comments from here unfortunately, so I may miss your message from here. I recommend emailing me (mentioning the game Willistoria) which I will be much more likely to read. My email can be found in the credits in game. Thank you!


Omg I missed out 1 important file inside the manual patch. It's the file that prevents the spamming of certain powerful skills by enemies. If you used the manual patch before 18/02/17, please download the latest manual patch 1.1.1 again. If you downloaded the full client, then you're not affected. Thanks!


• Fixed enemies from spamming certain hit-all spells within one turn. Getting hit by Grand Slam or Soul Suction 3 times in one turn was not really meant to occur.
• Fixed the glitch where mages in towns allowed you to learn all magic elements. You can only learn one element per character. Also rearranged the spells they sell to make learning more convenient.

Download the latest 1.1.1 patch here.
Manual Patch: https://rpgmaker.net/games/8906/downloads/8236/


Hey, is there a world map? Finding it difficult to fly around in the airship without it.

Also, I finished the 'Maria escort' quest. I finished the 'Oakley pub delivery' quests as well (got the Bow and the Airship guy). What to do next?

Heys, I have just created a World Map upon your request! I have added to the images gallery. The image is very big, so here is the direct image link:

It does make it easier for me to refer to towns as well.

Well done getting the bow! Explore the world and go discover quests. If you really need guidance, here are some spoilers:

You should be approximately level 10. Go do the Baredale Inn quest. Note that this quest is unavailable once your main character hit level 25, so do it early.

You can then head to Whiterest to learn about the Lost Forest. Explore the Lost Forest if you may, and try to get the Doom Chord Bow if you wish. Once you get the bow, get out and recruit Kandyl into your party who can dispel the Lost Forest. Once the forest is dispelled, you will NOT be able to get the Doom Chord, so think before you bring Kandyl into this place. After dispelling, you get access to the green-haired guy Dandy inside the forest. Then head to the next kingdom and it should be pretty self-explanatory.

Then there is the Imperial quest. Then there is the big quest in Sunmire, where you should recruit Lazarus to help with the virus issue. Then there is the Ice Ball quest in Newfrost. When you are level 15, you can head to Brucaburg Kingdom in the snowy continent to do her quest as well... A whole set of quests waiting for you to complete in any order you want!

Speak to the informant again to activate your core quests when Eldred is level 20. Speak to him again when Eldred is level 35. You will be led to the final quest. This level threshold applies to all main characters.



• Fixed the Colosseum from glitching if you lose the tournament.
• Fixed the unreachable chest in Tasp Hollows.
• Fixed the "blocked entrance" in Barren Fields.
• Fixed some paths that were accidentally passable.
• Fixed Death Scythe's Dispel, and Bunyip's Sleep targeting themselves.
• Fixed Rubia's scene hanging the game in Heatgulf Volcano.
• Fixed Enemies' Dispel making your characters immortal if they possess Contracted Revival state.
• Fixed Dispel not removing Fortress Armor state.
• Fixed Amelline's Arctic Crash power.
• Increased success rate of escape from battles.
• Vedia Kingdom now sells Stimulant. Make some preparations before you trigger Vedia kingdom's scenario. Quick tip: If you have trouble with Memento Mori's silence (Vedia Kingdom's scenario), get the Imperial Armament first. You need to donate 10k to the beggar kid in Rimecrest and face off a boss to get it. Then equip it on your main healer.
• Added a message hint on switches that "maybe shouldn't be pulled". These switches actually open 2 different rooms depending on whether they are activated and left alone.
• Reduced the number of monsters inside the sewers.
• Corrected Barbariccia's Fortress Armor animation.
• Sea Dragon's gold drop and Gatecrasher Axe drop rate have increased.
• Ember Dynamic's magical evasion has slightly lowered.
• Bomb, Megaton and Holocaust have increased in damage.
• Holy Orders has increased in amount of HP revived.
• Enemies' Dispel and Silence have a slightly lowered success rate.
• Enemies' Soul Suction skill damage is lowered.
• Doom Chord's Doom success rate is slightly increased, while enemies' Doom success rate is slightly decreased.
• Added a small dialogue about learning magic from the mages.

Here are some tips for everyone:
• Be careful with the mysterious portal quest in Baredale as there is NO RETURN upon entering it. Prepare some items, and maybe get some magic spells, for the boss battle.
• Read the descriptions of your equipment. Some confer skills that are extremely helpful for boss battles (eg. Dispeller).
• Some equipment confer resistance to states like instant death. You wouldn't want to put 2 death resistant equipment on the same character. Spread them out among your party so they have a higher chance of survival against monsters and bosses who use Doom.
• If you want that treasure chest in the Lost Forest, you must explore it BEFORE dispelling the abnormal portals. Is it worth trying your luck on those random portals to get to that chest? Yes. :)
Ember Dynamics (Fire Element Magic) grants evasion to magic attacks. Try casting it if you have trouble against bosses that wipe out your team with hit-all magic spells. The same goes for Shadow Fuse (Dark Element Magic) which grants physical evasion.
• I wonder if anyone actually found the 6th Cardinal Sentinel so far? He has been around since Willistoria was first released. If your level is high enough to meet the Cardinal Sentinels, he will randomly appear in wild areas where there are healing portals. If he doesn't appear the first time, just go out and back in to the place again. Talk to him once, he will disappear. Then keep checking other healing portal places and talk to him two more times. He will eventually ask you to meet somewhere...



• Fixed the bug in Eldred's second quest in Swamp Morass. For those who killed the Sentinel of Avarice with Eldred as your main character, some may find the informant telling you to go back Swamp Morass again and end up getting trapped there. You will be able to exit and the informant will act as per normal now. If you haven't enter Swamp Morass again but the informant is still telling you to do so, just go to the world map and it will be debugged. If you are still facing this bug, please let me know!
• Fixed Eldred's escort quest in Erstonia from being repeated.
• Fixed Vedia Kingdom's dungeon where boss event keeps repeating. Added an
extra chest there as well.
• Reduce the spamming of a few enemies' skills.
• Fixed enemies' "Haste" and "Fortress Armor" skill.
• Updated the Readme file.


Hey Gezelschaft. Thanks for your comments and letting me know!

I apologize for the inconvenient bug. You are allowed to kill the Avarice if you want to. I will release the fix for both bugs this weekend!

Just wana trace, are you using the latest version which is v1.0.8? You can see the version number inside the credits. If no version is stated, means it's before v1.0.7.


I'm just getting started, but so far here is my impression. The game is solidly built. The battle/ magic system offers room for strategy without being overly complicated. The monster and characters sprites are great. And you have obviously put a lot of time into the maps and cities.

The biggest problem with open world exploration games, is having players feel lost and unable to keep track of quests and storylines. But you solved this brilliantly with your helpful informants.

I feel like I have put in a lot of play time but I don't seem to be making much progress.
I lost an hour or more of progress when I got to the magic school and realized that characters can only learn one type of magic and that they have magic affinities. Was that mentioned in the 'Read Me' file tips? Maybe I overlooked it.

And I lost more progress, after reading your note about the increase in monster strength every 5/10 levels. I decided to start over and try a new strategy. This is an intriguing idea, but it creates a sort of catch-22. We need to fight monsters to get money, but we need to avoid fights so we don't raise our level too high.

By the time I could afford some second tier equipment and few spells, I was at level 25 and the the monsters are too strong for me to get in (and back out) of the first dungeon.

I have two suggestions on how you might improve the situation. 1) You could tweak the balance, upping the gold and/or lowering the experience per battle. But this might make the early part of the game even more grindy.
2) Provide an alternate source of income. The easiest way is too simply scatter more money caches in chest/furniture/pots around the world. After all the best part of any RPG game of this kind is finding secret treasure chest filled with loot.

Hey barefoot_indie, thanks for trying out my game and your thoughts!

Regular do not give that much gold. There are alternate sources of income which are doing quests and killing bosses. That's where most of your early to mid game income should be coming from! Also, there are many chests with money around the world $_$ you can find even more of these money chests if you have...
Raignald in your party. You can find her in Ayrith and complete her quest first.
Furthermore, there are chests with tier 2 equipment inside as well.

You should also have around 4 to 5 people in your party. General strategy is grind a bit on your own, take a quest from town, explore whatever place the quest involves and get the chests, kill the bosses when your main character has reached at level 10 or 20 or 30. Since you're level 25, you can access the Cardinal Sentinels dungeons. There are some good items there.

I'm not sure which "first dungeon" you are referring to though. Different characters all start out at different places. Could you tell me more details of your current progress, like which quest or place are you stuck at (just roughly a nearby town name), what characters and how much gold do you have? I can help you better like that. You can also send me your save files (including config.rpgsave and global.rpgsave).

I didn't mention about elemental affinity in my tips >< They can be found inside the characters' status/profile page in the menu.

Willistoria Review

Yeah I was wondering too, looks like it does take time to update. It is appearing now.

Willistoria Review

Hi SapphireFalcon. Thank you for such a thorough review! You've summarized it so well that I have nothing much to add haha.

Well done defeating the optional bosses too! They are really a challenge. There are actually 5 of them lol.

The assassination is indeed the trickiest quest which I briefly mentioned in the tips inside the "readme" file. Having multiple save files definitely helps especially in sandbox rpgs.

Yeah, storyline isn't really a highlight of the game. I'm glad you enjoyed the exploratory journey and even understood my intentions. Ah yes, noted the cheap skill-spamming of some monsters. I will make them less annoying. xD
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