Thirty something year old long time rpgmaker lurker turned semi active rmn poster in it for the long haul on a game he started as a teen ager. I'm also married, a Dad, a high school Philosophy and Theology teacher with a PhD from the University of Oxford, a committed Christian, and a writer (see my twitter).
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Critical Hit! (Road to Paradise: The Dragon reviewed!)

Whoo, indeed! I'm exciiiiiiiiited. Cheers, Hali.


Well I guess you can review it if you like... Just please remember the context! It's not my best work and I'm not so proud of it as I am with TCS.

Don't wait up for TCS! Like I said, I am done with game making for the time being. It just takes so much time to make stuff, and I'm not as good at motivating myself to put in that time as I am with writing.

My plan is to maybe come back to TCS one day when I'm like 65 years old and retired or something and put in all the things I wanted to put in but never had time to put in...like more plot, sub-plots, expanding the dungeons, a word-of-ruin style final section etc.

In the end with TCS I feel like I made Chapters 1 and 2 how I really wanted them to be, then real life took over (when I got a job!) and I just made the bare bones versions of Chapters 3 to 5 so that I could actually have made a complete game. I'm still proud of it though.

TL,DR: Don't wait for an extended version of TCS, not going to happen for a very long time--if ever!


Oh man, I had no idea this game existed. Thanks for introducing me to it, I'll try to play it sometime in summer and drop it a review as well.

Thanks, Frogge. No pressure! Like I've said to therpgmakeraddict, it was made for a very specific context in one week. It's full of in-jokes and bad mapping! But if you're interested in Philosophy you might enjoy it a bit I guess... Cheers.


funny you mentioned Lys, right now I am playing The Book of Three, and I will review it sooner or later

Oh, The Book of Three, now THAT is a good rpgmaker2000 game! I love that one! I wrote a review for it once but it got lost with an old laptop. Playing that and watching the Disney film The Black Cauldron as a teenager inspired me to read the books they are based on (The Chronicles of the Prydain by Lloyd Alexander) and they became some of my favourite books ever! Such a good game. I need to replay that some time. The systems are so good--you can really see that Lys was a professional game designer in the making. Looking forward to your review!

Someday I will review also your other game... ;)

Please, don't! It's really not very good. I made that one in one week too, this time for a Christian youth group I was in charge of, and again it was just put on here for the people in that group to download. It doesn't need another review!

If I ever release an updated/extended version of TCS you can review that :) But I've given up on game making for the time being because it takes so much time and energy and I don't have that with work and looking after my daughter. So instead I'm concentrating on my writing. To scratch the game making itch, I started writing a massive original epic fantasy story heavily inspired by Final Fantasy IV and VI. Check it out here among other places: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13581482/1/Saga-of-the-Jewels



I never expected in a million years for someone to review this game! As you mention it was made in a week and it is only on here for the people who were in it to download!

Thanks so much, rpgmakeraddict!

I think 3.5 stars is pretty generous to be honest, but I'll take it!

I'm glad you enjoyed at least some of it. Writing is my strong point. And as you identify, mapping is definitely my weak point. I like to think I'm kinda like Lysander86 in that respect ;) (joke, I am nowhere near as good)

Thank you again for this review. I have recently got a new job as a Philosophy and Religion teacher so I might re-make or (much more likely) edit and revise this game as it was originally made for a Philosophy class and I have used it in more classrooms since then. This review will come in super helpful for that.


Critical Hit! (Road to Paradise: The Dragon reviewed!)

Edit: All done. Enjoy, Hali! And thanks.

Critical Hit! (Road to Paradise: The Dragon reviewed!)

Just uploading latest version of TCS now. Shouldn't take too long.

Critical Hit! (Road to Paradise: The Dragon reviewed!)

Sweet. Yeah I saw your other LPs had audio after I posted my pointless question. :)

Critical Hit! (Road to Paradise: The Dragon reviewed!)

Even so, I still have to review it and draw a li'l fanart, so you'll have at least until next week before I'm ready for another LP.

Ok, great! I'll have it uploaded by the start of Monday.

Just watched some of your Road to Paradise LP. You can record with game sounds in OBS, yes?

Critical Hit! (Road to Paradise: The Dragon reviewed!)

Hey Hali,

Must be tricky to stay motivated to LP a game when not even the author is around to give feedback (as far as I can tell!). This is a strange time for everyone though...

In a perfect world where I keep to my timetable, I would play/record on Tuesday nights and Saturday nights at 5:30 PM. What actually happens is that I get distracted, depressed, or try to prioritize something else with the time I would've used for that, then my world descends into chaos and disorder until I pick up the pieces a month later and try again.

I totally understand this cycle and am familiar with it myself!

Sorry for radio silence for a little while. I had a crazy week last week and ended up having five job interviews online.

Just shout when you're nearing the end of Road to Paradise though! I am very nearly done with latest TCS and if you give me a warning that should motivate me to do the last few edits and reupload...

Keep up the good work!