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The Cerebral Symphony



RM Historia March 2019 Roundup

Oh my goodness this takes me back. Thanks for doing this.


Congratulations. I reached this milestone a little while ago (for total downloads), however it took me seven years rather than about seven months! Well done.


If Lys started a Kickstarter for Line's End, I would donate an obscene amount of money towards it.

Seconded. Very good idea. I wonder if he ever reads this site any more. He's pretty easy to find on Twitter.

Critical Hit! (hali's review thread)

This thread should have more screenshots. Of bad AND good stuff. I like the screenshots.

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Ah ok, fair enough. You have complex eventing behind your battle system. It will remain my one major gripe with this awesome game!

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Ok, this game is really fun and well made, however I have ONE pet peeve to mention: Why oh why do characters not MOVE to enemies when they do their physical attacks? They do it when they do special physical skills, so why not with basic attacks? I always prefer it when rpgs do this rather than just have them swipe at the air and then the enemies are hurt. It's not difficult to add this in rpgmaker, so why not change it? It's only a little thing but it really irritates me! Otherwise, amazing game dude, high production values, great sound effects. I think the most standout thing is the systems actually. A real labour of love. Still playing through!

The Way EP 6

Anyone know what lun is up to these days? I know he worked on shadows of adam, but thats the last I've heard of things he's worked/working on.

Would be nice to get some sort of sequel or new story from him.

He's got another secret project in the works but is keeping quiet about it, whatever it is.

He also has a whole novel written which he has been revising but I don't think he's had any publication success yet.

He's on Twitter and very occasionally updates his website http://www.crestfallen.us

I've emailed with him a few times and swapped stories for critiquing, but I've never been able to get more than the first chapter of his novel out of him! It was really good, even that little bit. Lovely guy. Total legend.

The Way EP 6

If anyone's curious, a user named Fleshwit did a Let's Play of all six episodes on SomethingAwful.

It's really informative and shows off a lot of things that I never knew even existed. Also goes into some theories about the ending, which is always interesting to read.

Nice, thanks for the link!

The Cerebral Symphony

Yo. So I check back on this page from time to time and I've noticed that my downloads and subscribers have been slowly but steadily going up. Anyone playing TCS? Anyone enjoying it?

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse Review

Very helpful review. Looking forward to playing this game some time this year. It's criminal it hasn't had more downloads from RMN!