Legacies of Dondorion - defense of Favorian

I have a question about this.

When you defend Favorian, the first battle is after you selected your 4 answers.
On the way to the cannons, there is a tower.
This tower has a boss at the top, and contains several chests, with a total of 2 Tomes.

The problem:
IF you do this tower, there is just not enough time left to disable the cannons in the 6 minutes available.
And once you disable the last cannon, you cannot go back to the tower.

The question:
Will it be possible later to come back to this area to do the tower (maybe after the battles are ended), or was the tower simply a red herring ?

Unlisted games

I do know some VERY good RPG Maker games which are not listed here.
Can anybody link them, or just the author?

One example is 'Last Scenario' mentioned at http://indygamer.blogspot.com/2007/05/last-scenario.html and http://best-rpg.blogspot.com/2008/03/last-scenario.html
It does not seem to have a homepage, and there are 2 different versions available for downloads from various websites, 1.21 being the current one afaik.
This game is really a must play, it is one of the best RPG Maker games I ever found, so far... and yes, please do take this as a challenge to make a better one ;D

There is an email address in the manual.doc file coming with in the download, if the admins here want to invite the authors to join

Well, there I am

Hi everyone.

Well, I have been playing RPGs since pen and paper BEFORE the first personal computers, and I am still at it (but mostly on computers, now), so I must like them ;-)
Some of you may have seen my name through various MMORPGs, I was even Guardian (GM) on one for a while.

Other than that, read a lot, mostly SF and fantasy.
I also watch movies (DVDs) on same topics.
No TV, I ruled that item out several years ago: all I need is news and movies, I got all of this on my computer, no TV license required ;-)
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