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Pandora Review

It's an idea, I could create something in parallel. However, if I invest in it, it would be better to use the MV. Imagine that you are in a diner with your friends and your phone starts playing because your evil and possessive assistant noticed that you are not home? Very interesting.

Ps: sorry for my english, I'm using Google Translator.

Pandora Review

Excellent review. I apologize for having made you download Pandora imagining that this is a game. My fault for posting on a gaming forum, of course. I've invested in other features for Pandora. In the next versions it will assess the mood of the user and act on it, as well as allowing the creation of reminders and, well, everything that is expected of an assistant. RPG Maker greatly limits the possible features, but gradually I can circumvent one or other of the limitations.

Again thank you very much for the review and sorry for the delay in responding.
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