Yeah, that's TP, or whatever I will end up calling it. :Y

Walk of Life

Some feedback on your gamepage:

Robots' sprites are ubercute. They are relly nice and your work with battle interface looks interesting as well. Enemies remind me of one mid 2000s game, which was all about mashing together different animals and fighting with them. Graphics are bit of problem as your sprites don't go well with battlers and battlebacks. I would recommend to use faces instead of sprites to present characters in battles. Also, these sprites are too good for RTP's frozen wastes.
Story/Setting is promising, especially with additional information from your response to nhubi.

Thank you for the feedback! I absolutely loathe working with graphics, so I'm glad that's the main point of criticism.

99% of these graphics are resources pulled elsewhere; robots and tilesets are part of the DS resource packs, battlers are from In a sense, this is a glorified babby's first RTP project :T

Walk of Life

Ok, now I've got Dire Straits going through my head.

I do like the premise of this, the non-living being faced with a world where life and death are critical. I'm assuming that the robots originally came from a world where there is no organic life, or at least no sentient organic life otherwise they would have experienced the concept of death before. If so are you going to include a bit of history of that world? An origin story for them as it were?

In terms of backstory, the world they come from is no so much one that lacks death, but rather one that lacks the weight of it; to them, death is nothing more than being recycled into new product. The idea of the soul living on is a foreign concept to them. Things like this would be discussed at various key points of the game like bosses or whatnot. I'm still working out the details of everything. ;;


Haha, Cyan battlers are incredibly bizarre sometimes. I purposely choose the weird ones since I'm a sucker for strange body horror.

Release Something XIII: Something Returns

I... have a game page. My first public one, anyways.

b-be gentle.

Walk of Life

css testing/checking

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

If I do, does it have to be true when I say it?

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Please tell me I'm not the only one playing Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines. It's a really solid and addicting dungeon crawler/management game.

[FREE LABOR][VX ACE] Will work on gameplay / writing / music!

EDIT: Thanks for the responses! I have a decent amount of work now, so hold off on requests! You can still post, just know that priority will be lower right now.

Hello! I've been working on my own game projects and find that I can't really get much done by myself, and I'm fed up with not being able to be productive. So, I decided that I would put my half-baked efforts into making other people's games get completed.

I am offering to work with anyone on their own projects if they need more manpower. I need no payment, other than credits! :D

I have more experience in creating gameplay, writing characters/dialogue, and music. I... don't really have much to show for it, though, unfortunately. Except for my Soundcloud; here's some of my better pieces:

Battle Themes


Desperation and Hope

Just a Talk, No Big Deal

Tearing Apart

Data Rock Beat

General Themes

Law - Overworld

Chaos - Underworld

In general, I fill more of an advisor/slave role, so if that sounds like something you'd want/need, post or send a message! I will be happy to serve you (part-time, anyways)!

Avoiding the self insert

I'm honestly a little confused, but I'll try to answer to the best of my ability.

Projecting yourself onto a project isn't bad, per say. In a loose quote from Rohan Kishibe, the best work is based on reality. Of course, there are definitely exceptions, but touches of real experiences can help guide the game if used right. When I try to work on my secret projects, often times I write my characters based on aspects of my self or those I know. However, usually I take just one personality element and go original to build off it.

So basically, if I express my own real life issues or feelings, I let it be a base for themes/tone/etc. and build upwards, and not simply making a reiteration of real life events or whatnot.

Probably easier said than done for some, I can restrain myself and separate work from life with no problem... ._.
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