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Downcity Saga

So yeah, i've tried the demo and i've finished it- well, maybe i'll say something more...


The characters are pretty much ok, the plot looks pretty much interesting, honestly.

The battles are ok, too. They might not too difficult, but i prefer it that way.

The skills are ok, too. Especially the cooking skill. That kind of skill was pretty much a bit useful.

The map are okay, the soundtrack totally fits the game theme, so yeah, i can't wait for the full game.

Probably i'll end up recommending this game.

- This game kinds reminds me of deadmau5

Quest for the Ultimate Cake

The titles looks pretty interesting... i really wanted to try the game, but darn it!

There's an error blocking my life way.

Blahblahblah won't found.

Would you mind to fix it?

Freddie Fedora's Guide to Picking Up Women

Seriously, this game's hilarious XD

At first i thought he's going to flirts with girls and shits happened but the truth is-

He didn't flirts with the girl. He's totally "picking up" her.

/P.S:Seriously, if this dude exist in real life, i would bring a freaking knife every where i go./

Middle School RPG V1.4

Well, i've completed this game ( With only one game over, goddangit ) and honestly-

This game contains a lot of potential indeed.

Maybe you could improve it by eh- y'know, adding some plot?

So the game wouldn't just about some random battle scenes with horrible homeworks and stuff.

/No offense, i'm a bit surprised to find out that this game is a completed game/

Well, a game about battling with school-life's are totally okay, it's just... it would be better with some good plot.

But for a game with a total size of 1.7Mb, this actually somehow entertained me.

Fire Deparment

I've got to be honest... This game is actually damn interesting.

But, there's one thing that's keep annoying me- the error part.

The game always got error every time i tried to finished the mission at the damn campground. ( Looks like i'm not the only one, phew. )

Otherwise, this game has a lot of fun potential.

Just solve the issues here and maybe your game's all set to go!

Set Discrepancy

Ummm, sir/madam? I've got an issue over here.

It says :

Script 'Game_Temp'line 0:Error::EACCES/dunno wtf is that/occured.

Permission's denied : C:\Windows\Fonts\AdventureSubtitles.ttf

It appeared when i tried the game.

*sighs desperately*

Among Thieves

Eh... to be honest, the storylines in the summaries are damn interesting enough for me-

...and the screenshot, they somehow prove to me that the art's are going to be marvellous- okay, one thing...

I can't wait for this game.


Seven Mysteries

This is awesome-

I'm not even suprised to think that this would be the best horror game here!

The sounds are great, the arts are well-made, and the plot aren't confusing- in a good way.

So basically, i'm just gonna say that this is worth-to-play.

Totally recommended it.

/P.S/If that school was real- For my sanity sake, i wouldn't enroll there/

Everyone is Happy

The title of this game totally catch my attention and the summaries looks interesting, too.

This gonna be good.

And based on the screenshots you gave here, looks like this game have a nice-art-quality.

I'm totally waiting forward for it.

Kitten Mita

Yes , i'm serious.
This demo as a gift for the end of 2014.

...alright, sir. Looking forward to it.

...Happy New Year, anyway.

Thanks for the gift.
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