[SRM95] Sprite Insertion

Every graphic in your game has to use the same 256-color palette, and it's sourced from the one used in SYSTEM.bmp. If you want to define your own palette, you'd best do so before you start going to town on inserting graphics.

Here's the SRPG95 default palette scheme. There's a lot of wasted potential, as you can see.

Whenever I pick a color from the palette and apply it to my sprite it always goes to negative or ex. i picked darker gray but in the editor it shows to blue. How am I supposed to know which color should I pick?

[SRM95] Sprite Insertion

How can I create a new sprite palette colors instead of just finding them what matches their color from the default sprite palettes. And changing the transparency color from a pitch black to light greenish. Is this even possible or no?
OR how do i properly insert a sprite? D:

[SRM95] Sim Rpg Maker 95 Help

If the enemies' Attack isn't high enough to pierce your Defense and do damage, they won't attack. They'll just mob around you (if set to Rush) or do nothing (if set to Wait).


[SRM95] Sim Rpg Maker 95 Help

I tried to test my level however the enemies won't attack for unknown reason


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