Heartland Returns.

Heartland Remake Bigger Scope List for Changes:
1) Expansion of the plot, plot elements, story, character background and others.
2) Re-structuring the narrative.
3) Enhancing gameplay
4) Necessary QoL changes (faster text, fix passability issues, current objective marker, etc))
5) Expand gameplay elements (possibly introducing collectables, amongst others)

Heartland Remake Detailed Scope List for Changes (tentative)(can be expanded):
Where * means this feature is already planned to be added and * means its completely tentative yet.

1) More bosses *
2) Actual scenes for memoirs and storytelling instead of text throwup *
3) Custom-made menu (we all love menus don't we)*
4) Brand new areas to visit *
5) New secondary characters *
6) Options! (player can now choose text speed, woot)*
7) Objective Screen (player can see, through a key and/or a menu option, what they have to do so they can advance in the game) *
8) Actual tutorials! (and not just a dull image that tells you the keys that you already know what they do) *
9) Pointers! (by pressing a key, player can see highlighted markers that tell them what they can interact with and where they can go to) *
10) Collectables *
11) Boss Replay Mode *
12) Better Battle Balance *
13) More skills *
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