Faded Blue

Nice!!! Will write a (demo) review. Pretty good sadly I could not go past the battle against the two knights because after defeating them the combat encounter did not stop and I was stuck there! :(

Hey! Thank you a lot for playing, again. I was notified of this game-breaking bug a couple of days ago. I'm truly saddened by that since the rules of the contest forbid me from patching it. If you have a savestate previous to the battle (if it's not that far from that point), I encourage you to give it another go, since you were at 90% completion. The last scene and the last talk with the old guy from the hamlet, to me, are one of the bests things from the game.

BTW, the bug only occurs (to my knowledge) if you retry the battle. If you do not retry, the battle will end just normally.

Faded Blue

Demo version is now out and available on itch.io! Please, visit the link to download the game.

Faded Blue

This looks really cute, shame it wasn't ready for IMGC, but I'll definitely check it out once it's released.

Hello, Sidewinder! A demo will be submitted for the IGMC tonight (and here as well, of course). Indeed, it's sad that I couldn't finish the entire thing, but I hope what I've made so far is welcomed by the players.

Reaper of the Starless Sea

That guy Puddor has to chill lmao. An opinion is an opinion. It was never made with foul intention.

Amazing work. Love the art. It can indeed be overwhelming for some people. Not your usual anime eye candy. The gameplay sounds interesting, too. This game is on my "wishlist".

Where The Moon Goes At Night

go forth. this looks awesome.



By pressing the DOWNLOAD button you will be downloading the old IGMC 2018 version. The remake of this game still has no download. If you still are interested in playing the old one, go ahead, but keep in mind that Heartland: Awakening will be quite a different thing.

Thanks for your attention :)


I will wait!

(seriously, this looks super good.)

Heartland 1.02 version uploaded to the RMN host server :) Direct download available


This looks wonderful.

Will you be doing a download that doesn't require an itch.io signup? I'm willing to jump the hurdle of making an itch.io account, I just don't particularly want to.

Hi! Actually didn't know it was required an account in order to download games from itch.io. Totally missed that. Will be uploading the game here later tonight in that case. Please wait for it ;)

Thanks for noticing.


Sorry, I might not be following you



Heartland 1.02 version added!
RMN Direct Download available! (you can still download old version from itch.io)

This version fixes the annoying wyvern bug (where you could face wyvern before time), a minor passability issue and other little tweaks. Savegames from older versions *will work* on this one.

For new players, players that get lost easily, don't like exploration, the guidelines/tutorial .TXT is heavily recommended! Download below, or directly from the downloads tab. Enjoy~

Given the feedback of various people getting easily lost:

ATTENTION: For ANYONE that is getting LOST/Got LOST, do not have much time to spare, prefer to play the game directly, do not like exploration, etc.:

I've uploaded a Step-by-Step GUIDELINE/TUTORIAL in form of a short, resumed .TXT for you all. It's pretty raw, but the game isn't long at all. So you will see it's pretty much easy to get to the end, specially in casual mode.

Download directly from MEGA.NZ

Grab it right here, or directly from the download tab in this page :)

Those who didn't play the thing anymore because of getting lost, I encourage you to give it a second try :) For new players, this tutorial may come handy.
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