Trying to figure out which RPG Maker is best for my project (why why WHY did i buy VX Ace back in 2020. WHY)

RM Ace is by no means a bad RPG Maker. I can't even say if a RPG Maker is bad at all. Hell, there are people still using VX to this day, as you can see per the reply above. And I mention VX because its mapping system wasn't the most popular back then (coming from the three-layers XP mapping system).

It all narrows down to what you feel more comfortable with. I, for example, adore using VX Ace. I can use all engines, but VX Ace is just my favorite. But, if you need more power (different resolutions, porting, better performance) I can't tell you "yes, use Ace over MV" when MV and MZ are clearly more powerful engines.

TL:DR; Use whatever you feel the most comfortable with. All engines are equally good depending on how proficient you are with them.
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