Valedictory Game Drive Game Roundup

nice overview
btw, on McMuffinstine's task it's the DOGS who are trying to launch the missile
I guess the dialog wasn't very clear, i made it in like the last three minutes :P

Theater and illusion in games

This is a good article, I also agree with what catmitts said for the most part.

I'd like to point out a great game (in my opinion) that does a very good job of not breaking the illusion: Shadow of the Colossus.
it has no menu to speak of, and a very minimal HUD. the entire time you play the game you are performing actions you would do if you were actually in the world, such as moving jumping stabbing or shooting arrows. The only way in which your character strengthens during the game is if you find a lizard with a glowing tail which can increase your stamina.
All these things (whether or not they make the game better or worse) make it a very immersive game. And, in my opinion, an awesome game

just my 2¢ :P
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