By a show of hands...

author=Ashes of Emerald
Thanks everyone. I'm I might mainstream a few more things and clean up some of the storyline ( including adding parts and are cutting parts outs) as well as dumbing down the menu to make it a little less innovative but over all easier to navigate. I'm also reworking Landon to make him more of a character everyone can connect with. I plan on weeding out some of the overflow of information and some of the excessive cutscenes situated more gameplay in-between cutscenes.
Let me know what you think.
Good Luck, sound great ;)

By a show of hands...

*raises hand
I'd say it's pretty fun, 3.8 out of 5.
And that's on a scale of 1 = "lame, no fun at all", 5 = "Funnest game in the world!!!!"

FEY Controls+

I think the controls are ok, once you get the hang of them it really wont matter whether it's shift or z.

not sure if this is really on topic but are going to add some way of strafing (moving different directions while facing the same way) I find the combat really annoying without it. The only way to face a direction without moving in that direction is using the shield, which is not really convenient enough for me to bother using it and impossible when you have another item equipped.

Slimongo: Learn Japanese with an RPG, Technical Demo #2

lookin good :)
Those star shadows should be much more translucent/not as dark, or only have a couple of them here and there.


I made the 1st download!
You better give me all them codes!
I got second though :)


Download has the anti-clmbing paint of Doom!!
Oh Noooooes

edit: yay it's fixed

Megascreen Edition

@Versalia: Oh is it? my mistake :P

Megascreen Edition

This is a 1024x600 display.

Sorry, I'm not understanding, is this the resolution of 20XX or of your screen.
so what is the resolution of Megascreen edition?
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