Trying out random pixel art, for a sidescrolling game.


@J-Man: that looks good, the right hand looks a little weird though
is that why he's looking at it?

@DBAce: those look great, I really like Shining Force

Concept: Pixelation and etc

Photoshop = not free

GIMP = Photoshop + MS Paint + Free + Awesomeness + all the rest

Bye. This will be my last thread.

The only thing I would ever need to say in a leaving thread is:

Good Bye, I'm not dead

edit: unless I became a zombie, then I would say:

Good Bye, I'm dead (no really, I am)

What are you currently reading?

I'm reading:
The Immortals (final book in te edge chronicles)
and various Discworld books

going to read:
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Request Time! The Nth Dimension!

Puppet Name: Jack Razorflit
Puppet's Power/Ability: flight
Puppet Appearance: a young man holding a wooden samurai sword and a wanted poster of himself (He's worth lots, make up a symbol for the currency), he's wearing a red shirt and a pair of pants (not jeans), his hair is short (any color will do, even pink) any color of skin will do (but not pink), wears a small pair of slip-on shoes like this:

they don't have to be black
Puppet's break down: Happy, confident fun-loving, always fights what he thinks isn't fair

Have fun ^_^

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Modeling stuff on Blender for another game to be made on a free Python Game Engine.
Twice the Awesomeness :)

Minecraft: Post Whats In Your World

this is one of the more well known crazy applications of dwarf fortress!

I stand corrected

rpgmaker.net 4th birthday contest

Don't know if I'll be free on that day, but if I am, I'll totally try something

Minecraft: Post Whats In Your World

why not play with some real dwarves
real dwarfs apparently don't build working computers.
also, everything looks better in minecraft, there's nothing wrong with ascii graphics but DF could definitely benefit from a bit of eye-candy.
Don't get me wrong, Dwarf fortress is a great game.

If there was a game that looked like minecraft (with texture packs of course) and worked like Dwarf Fortress (with some additions, like redstone) then,
you get the picture (ignore the fact that this would take an extremely powerful computer to run a decent sized map, let alone procedurally generated infinite maps :P)