Rise of Dragon Souls

Wow, this has the best looking overhead 2d graphics I've ever seen.
The graphics aren't perfect, but they are amazing. :)

If you made any of those graphics please tell me what your secret is. ^^

Mario vs. The Moon Base

..., it was always illegal from the beginning, because it uses copyrighted graphics and music without the permission of the original creators.
that doesn't necessarily illegal, but, in the case of SMBX, it was illegal because of the use of the music and graphics were probably not "fair use".

Mario vs. The Moon Base

@halibalica: only by zipping the entire smbx installation (including the editor which is built into the game)

Mario vs. The Moon Base

SMBX seems to have disappeared (by Nintendo's orders). Is there any way I can still play this?
It's all too true :(

Beloved Rapture

the CSS makes the comment text invisible unless you highlight it :/

Mario vs. The Moon Base

I am apparently incapable of drawing Mario.
I've seen worse...
much much worse >_<

McMuffinstine's task

I wonder if it is physically possible for a game to look graphically worse than this.
Hahahaha I didn't spend much effort on the graphics, but I didn't know it was that bad :P
Which part do you not like, or do you just not like it at all

Super Mario RPG: The Starlite Worlds

have you played the demo?
No, actually.
But I'll do so I soon as I have some free time ;)

Super Mario RPG: The Starlite Worlds

This looks really cool, I'm looking forward to this being finished


Just finished the demo, I'll probably review it soon ;)

edit: review is up
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