Looks really nice :)


This isn't Mario, this is SHIFT.

actually that would be really cool if it was both :)


just a suggestion:
make the dark water transition more visibly from the light water, at first I thought it was shadows of clouds or something.
also make the texture a bit different



very, very nice ;)


I think felix is being too picky about the stack of bags. Nobody is going to spend more than two seconds glancing at it, and it's far from any kind of egregious tiling problem. It's just the kind of thing that would bother you when posting online for feedback, and not at all when actually playing the game, as someone recently (wisely) pointed out!
Yeah I'm probably being to picky about the bags, the main reason I don't like them is that it looks like they were just copy/pasted 5 times and then had a shadow added.

but I do think the water could use a little tweaking, to me it just looks like some dark stones.


looks pretty good.
the water reservoir doesn't look watery enough imo, it just looks kinda dark, maybe add more ripples to the edge of the water or something.

also the stack of bags looks kinda weird that all the bags are stacked exatly the same way, would look a little better if more variation was added to to the stack.
here's an example of what I mean:

see how they are tilted and the distance from the top of one to another isn't the same


Aaaa my eyes! not enough contrast imo, other than that it looks pretty good :)


Looks very nice ;D
there is a slight problem with it though
due to the characters having similar colors and brightness/contrast as the background, it makes the background stand out more when the focus should be on the characters.

don't get me wrong, those colors look great, on the background and on the sprites, I just think the characters should stand out more, purely for gameplay reasons.


Also some people who only speak English make dialog like "could frighten many warriors" So your English is actually pretty close to par ;)
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