Atmospheric music

What music in video games do you think best sets the atmosphere of the game?
This isn't at all about how "Good" the music is, but how much it sets the atmosphere.

For example, the bgm in Donkey Kong (the arcade game) consists of five notes played over and over and over. Not very good music, but it does give the game a certain mood it wouldn't have without music.
I find that sometimes, very minimal music sets the mood really well

Some music I think sets the atmosphere very well:
Snowy Mountain from Jak & Daxter
In the Darkness from Super Paper Mario

What music do you think is good at setting the mood?

has anyone here used RPGToolkit

I was looking at the Engines section and i noticed there were no games under RPGToolkit.
Has anybody here used it, I tryed it out once and it seems very good for a free RPG maker.
And you can do quite a few things if you are willing to learn the scripting language
What do you think?

Hello World...

Hello everyone :)

My name's Charlie but Felix is a cool name so you can call my that.
I like making (and of course playing) games.
I mostly don't use game makers, I make my games from scratch.
I'm currently working on an RPG type game, though i make other kinds more.
I don't have any complete games they're all works-in-progress.
I'm a Programmer (hence this topics title) and not really an artist but I make my own graphic and they're not Too bad. :D
(Oh and I like parentheses)
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