Hey there! I'm just a mixed boy who only wants play RPG's!
And also translate them. Well, I'm Trying(?. (Don't be shy ;D) I'm a spanish spaeaker, so!

Also, I think I'm a bit-extrovert. And bit-Pshyco. And bit-Pedophile.
I'm a nice person too :D!

Ok, stupid jokes. Who cares.

Don't forget to write me! It'd be glad to talk some RPG stuff and recommend each other!

PS:I also write and draw(profile's image). I'm planning to make the first one my official work!

Play List :: a playlist on rpgmaker.net

Default Playlist

A Visual Novel horror game in which your choices impact the story.
Beware of the Snowman
The snowman is coming. You need to protect yourself from him.
Mystery Dorm
Help student named Zul find way to get out from dorm by finding key and item.
Arimo and Batang!
Let's go on a gaming adventure together!
Monigote Fantasy
Comedy and adventure RPG
Durham Fantasy: Agartha
Turn style RPG Adventure. Features multiple endings, a complete story and is playable from beginning to end.
Danganronpa Forge:Re
A group of people are trapped on and island and forced to kill each other to survive.
Everyday is Another Ques...
The Neverending RPG
Knights of Gaia
Welcome to the world of Gaia!
Dark Sketch
"Somehow everything is familiar." - Short RPG Game
'Can you overcome your own weakness?'
Prayer of the Faithless
On the brink of the apocalypse, two friends struggle to find what is worth saving
Ciel Nocturne
Despite having a sharp pain in my head all I could think about was.. who am I?
White Sky
A game about two friends in a pretty boring world.
A Quest For Heroes RPG
Action Adventure RPG. Find your missing friend and slaughter countless enemies of evil nature. Find your inner warrior and save the city of Moonshine!
Ethereal's Longest Night
Rescue a city from inmintent evaporation in an alternate weird reality.
The Golden Letters
The Arabian adventure of a warrior girl named Naya, following the trail set by golden missives to find their mysterious sender.
Find someone else
A visual novel about the ever-changing nature of relationships and the hardships of dealing with loss.
Pocket Mirror Classic (2...
A thrilling horror game filled with mystery and heartbreaking revelations!
Neo Jado
Practical Ridiculous Action
The Slave
"I owe you"
Uncomplex Three
Find the whereabouts of a missing boy in your new apartment, Mr. New Landlord.