Hey there! I'm just a mixed boy who only wants play RPG's!
And also translate them. Well, I'm Trying(?. (Don't be shy ;D) I'm a spanish spaeaker, so!

Also, I think I'm a bit-extrovert. And bit-Pshyco. And bit-Pedophile.
I'm a nice person too :D!

Ok, stupid jokes. Who cares.

Don't forget to write me! It'd be glad to talk some RPG stuff and recommend each other!

PS:I also write and draw(profile's image). I'm planning to make the first one my official work!




Its seems so cool! I'm gonna play it. Why do I live in this part of the earth?! It's nigth already and i almost find this. </3.

And the classes.

Hope for my review this weekend! I really need to play this!
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