Be careful ! I'm French
A French guy working with RPG Maker since a few years.

It took some time to improve but I currently have a decent level.
Parallax mapping, average script knowledge, experimenting, etc.

You can find me on YouTube as Ffloflouille.
Sorcelleria - The cult o...
Are sorcerers superior to mankind?



Should I Polish Up This One?

The game is very nice as it is.

I'm currently doing 20-minute (at most) plays of each game with a little review at the end.

Dates at the Glided Dallah ended with a nice 15/20. (4 games reviewed, the best score for now)
Strong points:
"8-bit" style, nicely drawn
Easy story
Interesting dialogues

Weak point:
Dialogues are hard to understand for non-English people like me (well, I did understand most of them but other players may not)

My conclusion:
A very charming 8-bit love story. We have someone who worked hard for the mono-map romance theme! Good!

Valentiny Event

In Memory of Selina Fritz by Fflo: The idea was good, but the execution needs some work. The graphics clashed with the RTP character and the slow walking speed coupled with a big map didn't make things better. Some of the writing in the memories could be better too.

I'm not surprised by your disappointment. I tried to devamp the characters but it looked very odd, especially when they were facing up. The game was finished 2 days before the end as I didn't have any idea to improve the story. Storybuilding is not my strong point at all.

But don't worry, I'm thinking on an improved version of Selina. By the way, there was a minor glitch in the game:
After talking with Selina about the village, she suddenly disappears instead of slowly fading out.

The gamepage is also published: In memory of Selina Fritz's gamepage

And I agree about Storm of Leaves: the game's nice, but way too short to enjoy its gameplay mechanism.

Valentiny Event

It's finished for me guys!

In memory of Selina Fritz is a short text-game made with RPG Maker VX Ace.
Selina was Hugo's girlfriend. She died from a cancer two years ago. Selina's ghost has appeared and she's following Hugo since her death to make him feel good.
The mission is quite easy: explore the map in order to find stars. These stars will make Selina appear and Hugo will talk to her. Once you've find them all, go to the far north of the map to see the ending.

The game's archive is super light (4.8 Mb) and doesn't need RTP to be played.

Valentiny Event

Finally got an idea on what to build: a "quizz" game with questions about romance, love, couples, etc. in various domains. Unsure about the engine.

What will be featured:
- 50 questions for the prototype
- 3 difficulty levels
- Themes: general knowledge, movies/TV, art, literature, video games
- 4 propositions for each question

Example question (movies/TV, easy):
In which Disney movie can we hear the song "Can you feel the love tonight"?
Fantasia ; The Beauty and the Beast ; The Lion King ; Cinderella

I already have half of the questions (Excel spreadsheet) but it gets harder to find new ones, especially in art and literature. Wouldn't mind getting a little help.

Valentiny Event

The one-map constraint is quite difficult to work with. Might give it a chance with some kind of walking simulator or something more original.

Your Game Dev Identity/Signature

Absurd dialogues, no matter the type of game they are in. My characters like to tease each other.

The Duelist Master 2
- NOTES: Lucien lives in the sewers since a long time and Paul suggests him to go outside together. And sorry, the City they talk about is not the same City as Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's... -
Lucien: I'd like to see how the City changed since my last visit a year ago.
Paul: A whole year without seeing the light! Aren't you a vampire by the way?
Lucien: ...

Sorcelleria, the Cult of the Sorcerer
- NOTE: Bryan and Conan rescue the other heroes that were captured by someone -
Sven: Bryan, you better not let me in my cell. Else, I'll cut your ears.
Marianne: Bryan, I was sure you'd come to save me.
Juliette: Are you in love with him?
Marianne: Sis, no time for questions. We're still imprisoned!

Flurry of Owls - 2019 Gammak Challenge!

Honestly, no.

I was thinking about making a visual novel featuring humans with owl heads in a school ; but I completely forgot about this since a long time.


I think this state is too strong.
With Bryan: use "Warm Up" (25 PT) skill to get a buff on ATK and DEF for a few turns.
With Sven: use "Mean Comment" (10 PT) on Bryan to anger him for a few turns.

Now you have the greatest thief of all RPG ever. Quick, and deadly.

(A little after taking that screenshot, Bryan inflicted a critical hit and nearly 1,000 damage on Conan who has 1,700 HP! But why does Conan attack our heroes?)

Stat Astra

Slowly but surely winning places in the MS ranking. (404th)

Olive to Cook Signups

That wasn't easy to choose.

Name: Fflo/Flo (choose the one you wish)
Portrait: N5
Reason: N5 looks like a lot to Kurosaki Shun/Shay Obsidian from Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V! That's why I chose him. (Image of him below)

Physical description: That may be tricky, but could you edit the portrait so that the character has the same haircut than the reference?
The rest of the clothing should be similar to the reference too.

L7 looks like a lot to Sagat from the Street Fighter series!