I have moved on, but my completed works will remain here.
Death Proclaimed II - Va...
More insight on Valerie from DP2.


[RMXP] Sound Limits/Cutting Out

Does anybody know of RMXP imposing a sound limit, that being sounds getting cut out if too many are playing at one time? We have footstep sounds in our game, so when two characters are moving around, other vital sound effects, like ambient noise, is cut out until the wait time has gone through. This is absolutely ridiculous since I was able to pull this off in RM2K3 without any cut-offs.

Is there a way to bypass this limit, or has anybody else had this problem? Thanks.

Fidchell "Let's Trying" Again

Well, guys, it's that time again.

After a very long break I am going back to doing Let's Tries of RPG Maker games. Yippee! The ways things work this time is that anyone out there wanting to see your game played and dissected will post in this thread, but instead of taking everything and putting it in a queue, I will pick and choose what I wish to play, and there is no specific order going on here.

When I pick a game, I will of course play it, but a Let's Try indicates that I won't finish it; sometimes this won't be the case. If your game grabs my attention enough, I will actually turn it into a full-on Let's Play and try to get through the whole thing. There is no real limit to what I will accept. I will play from engine 2000 to VX ACE and I will play any genre. When I make a video I will be requesting permission to post it under your game's Media tab, so watch out for that.

There's nothing much more to say about this, so go ahead and start posting your wonderful game! Just be prepared because I'm not all about praising a game if it doesn't actually deserve it seeing as how I can be quite critical when it comes to RPG Maker games. Despite this I will attempt to give the best feedback I am able. I may also never pick up your game, so there's that too. D: (I will add all chosen games to my Play List)

EDIT: Oh right I should probably post a link to my channel huh?

Article Subscription

I'm still getting notices for an article that I've posted in whenever someone comments and I can't find it under my list of subscriptions. Has anybody else encountered a problem like this?

[RMXP] Looking for another composer for Ruby Quest

Hello, everyone. We are in need of an additional composer to handle the more melodic segment of Ruby Quest's musical assets. We already have dark ambience covered by TheJudge, which is clearly his forte, but I plan to mix things up a bit.

Game's page:

What we are looking for in terms of "more melodic" relates to compositions you would hear from Akira Yamaoka of Silent Hill:

Or Andreas Ronnberg of Cry of Fear:

What these tracks encompass are mainly character themes as well as themes for later areas to communicate the fact that the end is approaching. Since this is a free project that we are taking time out of our lives to make a reality, I would greatly appreciate any composer who is willing to contribute their efforts for free. For now, that is what we are looking for.

If you are interested and sure that you can create music of this type, please respond in this topic or through private messaging. Thank you for reading and considering.

[XP] Charset remaining idle while walking against wall.

I'm currently trying to program idle animations but I'm running into only one problem: when I walk against a wall, my charset becomes stuck on a single walk frame.

This is how I programmed the events: I've set it to where if a button is being held down, the charset switches into a "walk charset," but if none are being held down, an else handler swaps it back into an "idle charset." I know what causes this problem...If I hold the arrows keys, even if I'm walking into a wall, it will swap the charset to the "walking" set.

Obviously I need to approach this in a different way, but I'm not sure how.

"Animated monsters" plugin question.

I'm having a bit of trouble with this plugin for DynRPG, and I feel dumb because it seems I am one of the only ones with this problem. Since it asks me to make a folder for each monster and to move the png files into it, how do I go about making the background transparent since I'm not directly uploading from the engine itself? I mean, I know how to make alpha channels, but obviously RM2003 accepts a certain kind of color code that makes it impossible.

What corrupts a save file?

I'm going to be working on a game that will have episodic releases, something I've never done before. The thing is, I'm using RPG Maker 2k3, and I want to be very careful not to change certain things that might corrupt a save file, because apparently making changes in some database arrays could potentially mess everything up for an older save. Does anyone have any pointers on what to watch out for before releasing the next episode? Thanks!

Fidchell will stream your games!

Some of you might know that not too long ago I've created a "Post your Overlooked games" topic and are probably wondering where I've been. Well, I know it's been a while, but it's honestly because I've lost interest, but now I've devised a better way to expose your games!

I now have a twitch channel at and it is through this channel that I will be playing your guys' RPG Maker games. Of course, this stream will also host some other bigger-budget games, but don't worry! Your games will definitely get a good chunk of stream time. Streams will usually take place on the weekends, so keep this in mind...or follow me! You could do that too. I'm just starting to do this, so I don't have much an audience, but you can surely help me grow! Obviously I'll have myself a microphone so you can hear my crappy voice. Stream wouldn't be much fun without that would it?

Since my queue is sure to get pretty bloated, I may only play a game once each stream. Sorry, but I have to push through! I can't keep others waiting forever! There could very well be an exception. If people show that they enjoy the game or if I even enjoy it, I may play it again. We'll see!

The rules are mostly the same as my previous topic, but I will post them again here in a revised fashion. Look below!

- I only wish to play RPG Maker games.
- For the sake of streaming, I'll play your game as much as I possibly can, but if it comes down to it, I may have to quit and move on if I can't figure out what to do or if there is any sort of obstacle that I can't best.
- I am fine with playing in all genres.
- Amounts of reviews no longer matter. Bring 'em on!
- Your game can be a demo. I will most likely nitpick the hell out of demos just for the sake of feedback and ways to improve.

Here are some close looks at my thoughts of certain genres:

- Action: This is usually one of the best genres for streaming. As long as your gameplay is not monotonous, it should provide much entertainment.
- RPG: I usually like RPGs, but if you plan on giving me one that is nothing but a massive, boring grind-fest, please reconsider. I don't want to bore my watchers!
- Horror: Another good genre! Should provide quite a bit of fun...if it's scary that is.
- Puzzle: I will do my best to stay engaged and find ways to make the stream entertaining when I'm not staring at the screen in silence trying to figure things out..
- Side-scrolling/Platformer: Usually action-packed, so this should also be a good genre for streaming.
- Visual Novel: I might do a little voice-acting..we'll see. I have to read anyway, don't I?

Streams will usually be held on Saturdays at 10 AM (UTC -07:00 Mountain Time). If they don't happen as scheduled, then it's safe to say that I'm either busy with something else or just don't feel up to it for the moment.

Need CSS help!

I am trying to work with CSS for a game I'm uploading, and it's proving to be jarring considering I suck at coding and have never messed with CSS before. Basically, I'd like to make it where the boxes containing the messages are slightly transparent so that the background can be seen. Also, how to change font color? No, seriously, I'm having a lot of trouble with this. Google searches aren't helping me out since there seems to be many different versions of CSS.

Post your overlooked games here.

I've been in this community for a while now, and I've always been complaining internally and wondering why I wasn't receiving any feedback for my works. You can't hold thoughts on things like these. What about all the other people out there suffering from the same thing? So I have made a decision, and that is I will be providing feedback/reviews for overlooked and unpopular games festering in the crowded pits of RMN.

Please take heed that I have my own little rules/preferences for games that you are about to suggest, so please read carefully, because I'm going to cover different things you'll want to know about me:

- I only wish to play RPG Maker games.
- I am easily irritable.
- I am fine with playing in all genres.
- Your game MUST NOT have more than one review or I will not accept it.
- Your game can be a demo, but I will not write a review for it. Instead, I'll give you some feedback and suggestions for improvement.
- If your game is complete, make sure it's not a pile of crap right from the get-go. I would really appreciate a decent first impression.
- Concerning FINISHING a game, there are many reasons I can lose interest or outright quit on a game. If this happens, God forbid, I will give the suggester reasons for this.

Here are some close looks at my thoughts of certain genres:

- Action: If the gameplay is overly monotonous and unchanging, that will usually result in causing me great distress. Other than that, action usually sits well with me.
- RPG: I usually like RPGs, but if you plan on giving me one that is nothing but a massive, boring grind-fest, please reconsider.
- Horror: There are many opportunities for this to be an exemplary and interesting genre when tied with RPG Maker, but it can also FAIL very easily if the creator doesn't know what he's doing or doesn't know what he WANTS to do.
- Puzzle: I don't often care for puzzle games. If a game fully revolves around puzzles, it has to offer something really unique or just plainly have satisfying gameplay in order for it to grab my attention.
- Side-scrolling/Platformer: This is a genre that is done to death and is the ever-present staple on the asscheek of the indie scene. Like I said, I'll accept any genre, but expect my brow to raise over the computer screen.
- Visual Novel: This better be really good. Seriously, I don't play games to read a book.

Any more questions? Please ask!

That being said (whew), bring on the games. I'll list them down in my queue below. Now may not be the best time to open up for something like this, so please forgive me if I'm slow to push through your magnum opus.

But, wait, how does a review compare with a feedback? My feedbacks can be pretty lengthy and could almost be considered a review in themselves! Well...

- Feedback is more or less an outlet for qualms I've had with a game and my personal opinions and suggestions on certain things in a game. With a feedback, I try my damndest to let you know what is wrong with your game and help inform you on ways to make it better before you release it.

- A review is an objective look at a released game. It will include minimal opinions and suggestions. Since your game is complete, I will review it as a complete game. No take-backsies. Feedbacks are already a good length, but reviews will go more in-depth on different aspects of the game. It'll basically be a cleaner version of the feedback format and will include some cute little pictures and such!


- Skie Fortress's Sacred Earth: Memory (JUST STARTING)
- Orochii's Panzer (IN LINE)
- Yuna21's Lady of the Lion (IN LINE)
- Marrend's Konae's Investigations (IN LINE)
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