The Screenshot Topic Returns

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It's cool, no worries. I do programming for the game Erave posted, and I can see where you're coming from. However, I've noticed in the App Store, Steam, etc. that so many RPGs are so afraid of being generic or criticized that every game is unique or tries to mix things up significantly. Which is good, of course.
But sometimes, I just want to play a generic, straightforward, vanilla jRPG that is well crafted. Unless I'm not looking in the right places, I haven't found too many indie-ish game that fit that mold... other than, say, Last Scenario. I'm not really interested in making something mindblowing or revolutionary personally, just a nostalgic and colorful adventure.

Any Pittsburgh PA (USA) people here?

Add to me to that list. I've lived here my entire life and go to school here at Duquesne University.


My thoughts on Mega Man X Corrupted (some game that's on youtube)

IIRC, Capcom is a lot cooler about this kind of stuff than Square-Enix, so I think they'll be fine. I think Capcom has even hired some people who have done fan stuff for Mega Man, but which is pretty badass if it's true.

Plastic Surgery

I agree with the above, and I don't know what kind of girl would ditch someone because of his ears of all things. Of course there are reasons for plastic surgery, but chances are this would do nothing for his cause.

Ok shoot down this idea.

I think a lot of those RTP-lol jokes are really, really dated. I wouldn't try to make the humor overly forced. The short gameplay length and reverse dungeon crawler elements sound nice, although they are totally dependent on good design. The gameplay intensiveness could be problem if you're using RM2K3, because a lot of those battles can be a drag.

Plastic Surgery

Somehow, I don't think plastic surgery is the way to go if you want to be "normal." I'm not aware of the context of all this, but your problems might not have as to do with your appearance as you think. I mean, cosmetic surgery pretty much preys off of peoples' self esteem. Obviously if you have a legitimate deformity (iirc, your pic looked perfectly normal) or like some serious genetic problem, sure, but otherwise I would look inward, brahh.

Good luck, though.

A montage of thoughts about several games

That's pretty much what I meant by "cash in." I haven't played it in ages, but I think the comparison is more or less for those reasons mentioned in the past few posts. Looking back, it was pretty fun, but it seriously has like every RPG cliche/archetype through that time period. I can't really go back and play most PSX RPGs because they feel so dated and clunky anyways.

A montage of thoughts about several games

I always thought LoD was a pretty blatant FF7 cash-in. Maybe not so much a ripoff, but I always thought the comparisons were valid. It has a lot of those PSX RPG-isms that have aged really poorly, such as the pre-rendered backgrounds and your character getting really small as he walks away from the camera (I hated that!), corny FMV that takes up like a whole disc worth of memory, and the need to listen to voice-acting shit like "Volcano!" a billion times.


It's in German

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

I'm liking those graphics for some reason, Ephiam. The dithering on the water could be an eyesore though, but idk too much about how they did graphics back in the olden days of the PC...
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