Junge Gelegenheitspielerin, die sich auf Betatests, Lösungen und Übersetzungen Deutsch/Englisch spezialisiert hat. Besonders interessieren mich History und/oder Fantasy-Rollenspiele (keine Online-Rollenspiele).

Young casual player specialized in beta testing, walkthroughs/guides and translation German/Englisch and vice versa. My special interests are History and/or Fantasy-RPGs (no online RPG).



The Legend Of Zelda (100 Years Later)

I have no clue how to start your game with the Zelda Classic...
Perhaps you can tell?

Legend of Shadows

Legend of Shadows

I'm sorry for the late reply.
- To answer your questions, the level cap is 99, but you should be able to beat the game by level 28-30.
- There are 10 characters
- The world of ruin is a world ruled by demons, the goblins didn't survive the end of the world.
- Each character has a secret weapon.
Doombringer: There's a secret cave in the graveyard of Lanercost in the world of ruin. Defeat the Chimera
Heroes Sword: Defeat the Iron Giant in the Fortress of War
Heroes Gauntlet: Chest on the cliff of Mt. Rosefell (there should be an exit in the cave)
Giant's Axe: Defeat the Ogre in the Secret Forest Maze
Judgement: Chest at the end of the Cave of Trials
Artemis Bow: Steal from the Ice Queen in the frozen Reef of Silence
Holy Dagger: Chest in the Water Palace
Nightbane: Chest in the Demon World
Starlight: Barnard comes with this (Sarkannoth can also equip it)

Thanks, I got all those.

Last unanswered question: with what level do the characters learn their last skill?

Charon - Zhetan Chronicles | STORY DEMO

There is a perfect play walkthrough written for the German Beta.

Schilderich has translated the actual demo content to English and might be publishing it here when you ask for it.

Or you have to wait until the beta moves to Steam itself and I can start adding the (German) guide there. Then the order will be a bit better than the ms word document I am currently using.
The English version will follow then.

Why perfect play?
More Stat increasing items thanks on focusing on a certain action skill for a certain character while ignoring some optional content until that action skill has its talent. (That has some more positive results)
More FP/AP for increasing aktion profiency thanks to Inn and a certain item management.

I don't want to spoil too much, so have as much fun as we have testing the game!

Legend of Shadows

I am writing a guide and have some questions.

  • What is the level cap?
  • What is the highest level a skill can be learnt?
  • How many characters are there? (Currently have Lavin, Rahne, Rissa, Sarkannoth (optional), Brini, Sara, Rola, Merian, Ren and Barnald)
  • Are there no Goblins in the World of Ruins/Destruction anymore? (ask because they have a stat item drop)
  • Currently have found the Secret Maze, Cave of Trials and Savage Cavern. Beat the Fortress of War (Edit). Where do I get the other Ultimate Weapons? (The Lamia in the Reef of Silence didn't drop one)

Have finished the game but have still saves from before the Demon World.



1. I still don't know what the switches behind the Efreeti are supposed to do. Did they open the door behind the Knight?

2. Because of how puzzle-y the fights are, a bunch of the bosses ended up feeling like they had too much HP, the big culprits being the two Efreeti (who can't hurt you if you have the right accessory on, meaning you can just spam the Attack command at them until they die) and Nox (I legitimately got bored halfway through fighting them because it took so dang long to chew through their health... though that might be a result of me facing them 3 levels early...)

3. In general, I wasn't a big fan of the Nox fight. Most of the fun in the fights in this game comes from experimenting, finding the one trick that absolutely dumpsters that enemy, and then destroying them (it's cathartic!). And then you get to the Nox fight, and it's literally just "Defend at the start, spam the Attack command, and drink a potion whenever your health drops below 30hp". It just kinda felt anticlimactic. I wish it had been more like the Necromancer fight, where there was a little puzzle involving whether or not you wanted to clear out the zombies.

4. The Defend command was hilariously overpowered and carried me through the entire game. OK, I'm exaggerating a little bit, but it felt like I started every fight where I couldn't just one-shot the enemy by Defending.

5. I really liked how Zombies were so exploitable (Mana Drain -> Celestial Strike takes them out with minimal fuss for most of the game, and nets you +8 MP, money, and XP every time you do it). It felt really appropriate that Ariela would just beat up a bunch of Zombies every time she needed a pick-me-up instead of taking a nap or whatever.

My observations to your thoughts:
1. Yeah, those have opened the gate behind the Dark Knight.
2. Why haven't you spammed your Ice/Fire Blade? But I really did hate Nox, because even the Combo-Skills were blocked and I know why I have bought those Antidotes. Both phases I just did attack, defend when he prepared a big one, and heal in between.
3. Well, already answered with 2. And I liked the special reward with the Zombies, too.
4. I only used the Defend command against the Dark Knight (or it would have been impossible to beat him) and against Nox. One mistake when counting the turns against the Dark Knight and you have to restart the battle...
5. When you want to get more MP with Mana Drain, try the Animated Armor. Mana Drain earns you 25 MP and the Thunder Blade only costs 4 MP (at level 6 or 7 one-hit-kill). That is also the only repeatable battle with the highest EXP output of 16 EXP per battle. Just don't step on a trap.


I grinded until level 10 but still can't beat the Dark Knight.
Even tried with speed focused equipment.

But the Dark Knight acts first and mostly hits twice and static doesn't seem to work.

Either you have hidden better equipment in the temple somewhere, but I have the A. Gear.

Edit: Finally found the right tactic.

Edit 2: Full Walkthrough:

Initial Legend

Very Alpha currently.
The story is ok, even if I didn't understand the king.

What you have to change:
The old screen effect or lense effect is tiresome for the eyes, especially as each dialogue box etc has additionally the same effect.
There was no option to save.
I had thought that you can perhaps do the first dungeon, but you can only visit the town to the east which wasn't even mentioned in the castle.

Final Fantasy: Chronicles of Eno

At the end of the forest with the black chocobo when the three chocobo leaves .when i have the little music for the achievement my game crasched and desepear.Please fixed

I'm afraid you have the same problem as me.
Since the beginning of chapter 2 the achievements will crash the game but the cause itself couldn't be fixed yet.

At the end of chapter 1 there was an NPC before you enter the ship that will disable the achievements.

As you are already past that point, either you send the save file to the devs or wait for a fix/NPC to disable the achievements in the town.

Chapter 3: Legacy of Lazerus has been released!

There is a little story about the "Lazerus" name...
During the entry event of the 3rd chapter was the misspelled Lazerus and the "creator" of this cutscene has lost all data due to (don't ask the cause). So the original "Lazarus" had to be changed to "Lazerus".