Long time member of the Charas Forums, big fan of RPG maker and one of "those dreaded role players". Ya know like Nylocke: Dragon of Awesome Quotes! Only a lot more zanny and hard to predict. ^_^ I'm a major sci-fi and fantasy geek and a hobby writer. Mostly I write web comic scripts, game plots and I'm currently working on a novel. I'm not into any next-gen games and am a die hard 8-36 bit fan. Some of my favorite games include but are not limited to Final Fantay(Series),Fire Emblem (Scared Stones and Radiant Dawn) Chrono Trigger,E.V.O The Search for Eden, Star War KOTOR 1-2, Olbivion, Carpe Diem (Chara Project Game),Wrath of Gaia(Chara Project Game), Pokemon Hunter, Lost and Found(First Charas Chain Game) and most Recently from this site: Epic Elf and Digimon World Ace.

Here's a little more about me if you're interested or haven't ran screaming in the other direction already:

As previous stated I'm a hobby writer and I enjoy writing Doctor Who/Hitchers' like craziness involving allot of McGuffin Chasing and 11th Hour Crisis's and unsual and unique casts of numerous characters and there's always a Plot Twist somewhere along the way, usually when you least expect it. I enjoy all sorts of TV shows of the live action variety. If I had a favorite show it'd either be Doctor Who or Once Upon a Time. Out of anime? Tenchi-Muyo. Manga? Fairy Tail, Rave Master, Seven Deadly Sins,Bleach,Naruto,Zero's Familar as well as Inuyasha most recently but I'm always researching new manga. The only thing I love more than manga is Webcommics. Not sure if you'll have heard of of them but here's my top 5

1: El Goonish Shive
2: The Wotch
3: Banished
4: Accursed Dragon
5: Namesake
(But I read ALLOT more.)

In addition to writing I'm also big into spriting and am well known for my unique looking RPG Maker 2003 sprite sized battle charas and sprite action figures (Confused? Look here to see them I'm willing to do requests for 2003 but don't even mention RPG Maker VX ACE or XP to me. I don't like their sprites much. ^^;

Speaking of RPG maker 2003 I'm pretty well known on Charas for turning any inside jokes, lore or other stuff about the forum into game material and crazy plots. ^_^ I hope that'll happen here too if I get to liking you people.

I get allot of my inspiration to write from IM RPs and would be happy to RP with you if I like you and your characters enough to. Speaking of characters? If you're curious about who my rep is? Then wait till I add a bio link here explaining the Dentverse.

I'm open about my love of TG, TF and other weirdness so get used to it or ignore me cause I don't want to be normal. Don't bother lecturing me about it cause it's waste of typing.

All in all? I'm a pretty nice guy as long as you don't flame, troll or judge me.


RM2003 Will Not Import New Resources

Okay so long story short I was working on a new game, very low budget but fun, and the screen froze while I was importing something so I forced the program to close and now it gives this error:
I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Steam RM2003 and guess what? It persists! Twice I've done this. I'm sorry if this is the wrong thread for this, been years since I used RMN for anything but downloading games.

Nevermind! Finally found the source of the problem. Something very simple: The import setting was set on PNG format when in fact Custom is the only one that works with Steam as far as I know. XD Very basic error. Sorry to take up your time!

Vhooorp, vhooorp, vhooopity

Hello there! Fisherson,my friends call me Fish, here wanting to say I love your lively little community! I just stopped in a few days ago to DL a program then I found out you had a HUGE library of RPG Maker 2003 games! o.O More than I've even seen at Charas Project, my home for eight years, and then I noticed something else. You guys have a nice layed back community that seems pretty fun! Possibly as much fun as Charas? Maybe. We'll see.

So yeah I'm going to "test drive" ya and see how you fit. If I like ya? Who knows I may have a new home away from home? Also may post some of my more interesting game ideas and demos here. Anywho! Hope to get to know you all soon!

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