Actually, now that random encounter gets more challenging, I definitely have to start using more diverse skills of each character, so scratch what I said earlier. I really like how useful and balanced status abnormalities are for player character's skills. :)


I started playing, and I'm about 4 - 5 hrs in now, and it's been a delightful experience! As a gay male gamer, I've been waiting for the day when RPG Maker games include a gay protagonist/ player character with good representation, and Jubilee has done an amazing job of that so far. (I especially and absolutely loved that the protagonist has two mothers!) The concept of Dream and Nightmare layer is brilliant, the sense of humor is great, and the characters are adorable. (Rachel made me lol'd a few times, Leah kept impressing me with her badass ways, and Amos is so adorable.)

Although, while boss battles are fun and challenging, the normal battles (up to around Elpis, where I currently am) eventually gets to be quite the same for me. I find myself end up spamming AOE elemental spells then finish them off with other physical attackers. Nothing wrong with that since the battle is fast-paced and those monsters hit hard anyway! Though I find myself ended up not using other skills as much aside from in boss battle. (Who knows maybe I just have to change my playstyle haha...)

All that said, this is one of the favorites I've played from this site so far!! The story really got me hooked. If you ever make any more games, and wanted to make it commercial, I'd definitely buy it. Also if you ever feel like recruiting people to help make games, I'd really love to help! Thanks for making my day with this game, and keep being awesome!
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