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Noel's smiling?! Something must be wrong here! :D

The Mystery Files of Detective Inaba No. 2

For people wondering about the download link (or the lack of), the game will be released tomorrow on the 15th of November. You can find out more on the Memories of Fear website or their tumblr page where they are counting down the days left until the game is released with characters that are in the game! ^^


Millionmiles, what have you done to those delicious apples?! :D
Looking awesome btw! ^o^


It's actually a tutorial/practice area for the baiting mechanic! There's gonna be some enemies that you have to avoid by dropping bait and luring them away!(Of course these sheep are harmless haha)

Thank you so much!~ C:

(I could totally do a 'feed the sheep' minigame later though hehe)

Plot twist: true ending reveals that sheep are the true antagonists of Arcadea. xD

Exciting Changes Are Coming to Flowers for Kasumi!

New portraits are dazzling Nedras! ^o^

Flare Let's Play, The Emperor of the Moon (1 Video) - Let's Play Completed.

Thank you very much for the LP!! :)

It was a pleasure playing the game! ^o^

It Chrismas. Merr Chrismas.

Siegurd: Use your magic to light up these Christmas lights Edric?
Edric: "These damn simpletons, thinking I can just use my magic for fun and games."

Merry Christmas! ^o^


Hey Goddialga, I'm up to the part where Mali discovers Walee on the 3F, the stab mechanic is really buggy so that the only way that it works is if you press S and Enter simultaneously facing Mali (which is impossible to do as pressing Enter triggers a death scene), saw on a Thai let's play which is the only way to advance the story, any help on this would be thoroughly appreciative. ^^