Turns out, nobody cares about fuel pump flange gaskets in the year 2016


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Well, the guy who owned the car before me had a shop try to fix the oil leak from the engine. They 'fixed' it, but it still happened. He saw it was from the fuel pump, and he bought a complete rebuild kit for the pump (which includes a few gaskets), but when I went to actually use the kit, I discovered that it had only one of the two gaskets. It had the one that goes between the fuel pump and the flange, but not the one between the flange and the engine.

I can only assume that the shop made the same mistake?

(engage angry 60-year-old mode) that's the trouble with so-called 'machanics' today. They don't actually know what they are doing, and they lack the analytical skills required to do their job. Did they think that maybe, just maybe, the fact that they removed a gasket that had no replacement was a bad sign?

Either they didn't understand or didn't care. Can't trust anyone with mechanical work these days. did you know this was for a Beetle!?
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