I am the Jester.

I make games using JavaScript, C, C++, Mercury, Java, Assembly (amd64 and UltraSparc) and Python. I used to use Sphere a lot, but I'm more into C/C++ and Mercury nowadays. I still use JavaScript and embed it sometimes, and I usually use Python for build systems and system management.

I wrote TurboSphere, which is a recreation of the Sphere Game Engine with a number of major improvements. I'm not really working on it anymore.

I'm surely going to finish making a game someday. I mean, sooner or later, it's bound to happen. Right?
turn-based strategy game of war and city building


Mailbox unread count is...wrong?

So this started happening today.

I opened two new messages in new tabs relatively quickly. Apparently that is a bad idea?


They only deal in shallow representations of true forms, unconcerned with the truth beneath.

Well hello everybody

Hello everyone.

I've been making games for years, but have only lurked around here.
I'm a Sphere user...I sure hope there are some others left over here!
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