Makerscore is a structural weakness.
Hi I'm Fomar0153, I've been using RM for around 15 years (beginning to feel old). Mostly I prefer to focus on the gameplay aspects when making games. Will do almost anything for makerscore.
Abyssal Shine: Nevermelt
Made for IGMC 2017. You are part of a secret order that is looking for a missing artifact.



Release the Dead

So I've just about finished the battle system, I have one other major system and then the game just needs some content.

Hope you all like card games.

[MAFlA] Mafia - Behind the Mask

Ok sign me up, I guess I'll go with Number 5 (from the Umbrella Academy) or if he doesn't count then Nightcrawler from the X-Men.

[MAFIA] pianotm is scum Game Over

Yeah I night killed Jeroen because I thought he was a "cereal" killer, turns out I was right.

[MAFIA] pianotm is scum Game Over

Fomar: ESBY and I killed different people. THAT wasn't what ESBY lied about, but there was a very obvious lie.

Ah sorry I must have misread I thought you had said you killed Ozzy but you said you killed Jeroen.

Can I ask how you both chose your targets, what made you think of them as scum and not aim for Piano?

I find it very doubtful that town has two vigilantes. Either one of you is lying to hide the scum night kill or I need to brush up on other potential mafia roles.

One final question, what is the name of the roles you were given?

[MAFIA] pianotm is scum Game Over

We didn’t get alignments on the night kills. While I think it's worth thinking about Emily killing Ozzy, e.g. is vigilante always twin aligned or is she independent? The fact Esby fake claimed he did it is far dodgier.

#lynch Esby

I currently don't know what to make of Piano surviving or what he claimed.

[MAFIA] pianotm is scum Game Over

Is it really too late to join?
you can replace one of the replacements

Was going to say I could replace Piano! But he went and posted.


#lynch piantotm (tm = turbo monk)

[MAFIA] pianotm is scum Game Over

Is it really too late to join?

[MAFIA] Game Over - Frequency Mafia

I'm curious why scum let Hex live though, that to me seems like the biggest missed play.

We assumed there might be a doctor and hacker let us make someone's alignment appear appear different. He were hoping Hex would investigate me night one, I was genuinely roleblocked and hacked.

GG town! What's that, 3-4 town wins in a row? This is unprecedented.

Town last the last game? Cave led scum to a victory.

[MAFIA] Game Over - Frequency Mafia

Should have killed Libby, I blame Gourd for deciding we could trust her.


Good news everyone after 10 years I have finally worn Libby down! Traditional halloween contest is cancelled instead we're doing Octobercodingfest!!!!!