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Hi I'm Fomar0153. I like working on the gameplay aspects of video games.
Illy needs to eat a mush...
A card game made for Theme Roulette 3.



Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021

Sign me up please.

I love getting reviews, fan art, let's plays.

I love making scripts, so if you would like a custom script then please include some details!

I'm happy to double up as a helper, 22nd is school holidays so would have the time.

Chthonic Crypt

What a great little game, but soooo short. Do you plan on making this a longer game?

I'm torn, I really liked my original idea for this game, a sort of 3 dungeon jolly. At the same time though I did get to implement the lite job system, though not in its full glory. The honest answer is I'm unsure whether or not I want to develop this game further.

This game, tho short, has such a variety of cool ideas in it! More people should give it a play! :DDDD

You're too kind. Cool ideas implemented hastily at best.

Commonplace Book

Submitted, just made it 11 minutes spare.

I'm sorry in advance to anyone who plays my game. I loved the ideas I had but just didn't do them justice.

Commonplace Book

Checkpoint? I only started today. I'm still recovering from covid.

79. Horrible secret in crypt of ancient castle—discovered by dweller.

Ok so I mapped the required crypt.

I have also designed the game systems, I'm making a job system for the game but rather than changing your main job your main job is fixed, you change your secondary job. I'm not planning on having levels, instead your skill with weapons and err skills will improve as you use them. I'm also going to change the gameplay to resemble the traditional dice rpgs, stat wise I'm doing something similar to SPECIAL, but BRAVES (brawn, reasoning, agility, vigor, endurance, spirit) and there will be a lot of d10s. Wish me luck!



I've honestly lost track. There are two fossils (XP and Double Millenium) one from Fossil Forest and one from beating your rival later in the game, I think the second fossil reviving machine only turned on after you became champion.

You could try:

and the item json is here:

If that doesn't work then upload your file and I'll manually add the item.

Theme Roulette 4

May I reroll please?

Edit: Scrap that, I'm happy with what I got, I can work with it.

Yes reroll please, see if I can't get rid of romance.

Theme Roulette 4

Sounds good.

Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

A long shot but I thought I'd ask. I've played a lot of great rpg maker games in my time but there's one whose name I just can not recall.

A long time ago I played an rpg maker game (it was made in 2k or 2k3 I think), it may have had Crimson in its name but I'm only about 50% sure. The features I remember, it had a bit of voice acting in place of the victory fanfare, I remember, "go for the gold" very distinctly, it was said by a character who I think died or left the party quite early. It also had a friendship (romance?) system where you took party members to dinner. Sorry its not a lot to go on.


I chose the knight as my starter and I didn't get the second fossil either, did you still not fix your mistake yet?

Also, I read about a secret hu'mon Kentona but I explored everywhere and I only found and caught Kentonb.

I thought I did, but I don't remember. To find Kentona you need to think of the rumours surrounding Mew back before a working Mew glitch was found.

There's a vehicle on route 3, you need HM04.