Makerscore is a structural weakness.
Hi I'm Fomar0153, I've been using RM for around 15 years (beginning to feel old). Mostly I prefer to focus on the gameplay aspects when making games. Will do almost anything for makerscore.
Play as a Barn owl who sets out to become a Hu'mon master.
Title Source Info
Sprite Based Side View Battle Script
Uses an actor's sprite as it's battler.
11/02/2012 10:47 PM
Ticking HP
Think Earthbound where the HP slowly scrolls down.
09/11/2018 09:36 PM
A4 Passability Adjustment
Removes that weird thing of walking on rooftops.
12/24/2018 07:57 PM
Skill Verbs
This script lets you change skill names (and icons) based on your equipped weapon.
12/31/2018 06:21 PM
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