Hobson's Choice!

Befuddle Quest 5: Zack to the Future

I knew I started lurking at RMN again for a reason!

Incidentally, Kentona: You don't mention BQ4 in the 'check out previous games if you are new to the BQ scene' area.

RMN Snews - Issue #20

To Arms! is linked to like, three times, and the link to the page doesn't work. Makes me a little curious as to what happened.

The Tiamat Sacrament

This was a pretty fun game, most of the characters seemed predictable, but it was still fun. I didn't see one of the twists near the end coming.

Puzzles were mostly good. I found the leafpad puzzles confusing to the point I cheated past the last one with the editor, though. All of the skippable minigames were pretty good, too. Tactics battles were fun - easy to win, hard to win with a lot of points.

Of note: if you inhale water once, and then end the battle with the water still inhaled, you can heal your entire party up to full for free by spamming it. Could probably be solved by making it and all healing breath skills battle-only skills. Combined with Sublimation, it made resource use issues pretty much non-existent. (You can also regen+focus after killing all but one enemy, but that's... slower)

"In this debate, and look forward to a bad translation!"

54 translations

"Please tell me the precise meaning of life."


"This is true."

The RMN Comic Collaboration!

And... I'm withdrawing. My apologies, everyone.

Cattle Call

I'd also be up for testing.

The RMN Comic Collaboration!

I am running a bit late but will totally finish this by tomorrow, if that's okay.

RMN Snews - Issue #16

...Someone already made a platformer roguelike? Hurray!

Alternative to battles

There are pen and paper RPGs where there's no special resolution system for combat(it's the same as everything else), or there's no combat at all.

Computer RPGs tend to be based around combat, though, so if you advertise it as an RPG, people are probably going to be confused/dissapointed.

That said, you should develop whatever you want without worrying about labels too much, and steal ideas from wherever you want. Figure out a label for it later.