Castlevania NKN Review

Wow, I had to try it myself and indeed didn't work. There was a stupid mistake which only allowed it to work on debug mode, but it's been fixed now. You can download the new file and just replace the exe file. The challenge should be accomplished just using any whip and no magic or sub weapons. That will take you to 99%, which will give you access to the final secret of the game. It has to do with the outer balcony at the Ballroom stage.

Castlevania NKN Review

Destroy the wall: After defeating Luz, you'll drop to the dungeon, it's in that room.

Something buried: At the gallery, statues room, Earth magic for "digging".

Escape Death: You are correct, only use the stopwatch crash during the fight and then defeat Death, that should trigger it.

Whip only: Only during Nash's second form (main game) use only the whip (chain whip is fine), but no sub weapons or magic. It should work.

Good luck

Castlevania NKN Review

Thanks for your comments, I believe you really got the idea of what I was trying to accomplish with the game and my love for the Castlevania series, only comparable (maybe even surpassed) by the Megaman series, which is another project I have.

The difficulty spikes are by design, but maybe I shouldn't have challenged myself so much. The skeletons and other enemies taking more damage come from the idea that Marsello is a weaker hunter than the Belmonts, so he has to work harder for it. Other than that, feedback has taught me a lot from this game, but mostly bosses were heavily tweaked to reduce their lethality.

Castlevania NKN

Thanks everyone for your comments and downloads. The game has had way over 1000 downloads now (including the ones from other sources) and while I haven't moved on to it, I have many ideas for other games, including a sequel for this one in the Metroidvania style. Your feedback is very appreciated as I see how a lot of people talk about the difficulty in the game, which I believe is not "nintendo-hard", but parts of the game might feel like a daunting task (Death is a hard boss even for me).

Leave any comments here as I do read this website at least once a week and if you have any ideas or proposals just let me know.
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